• LTTE Attack in Diyatalawa?

    LTTE Attack in Diyatalawa?

    Separatists Agendist Politician and Pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists leader Rajavarothiam Sampanthan just stressed that LTTE may emerge again addressing Parliament less than 24 hours ago, a bus travelling from Jaffna to Diyatalawa on the way explodes injuring 19 people including 12 …

  • ULF Blamed Buddhists for falls of UNP

    ULF Blamed Buddhists for falls of UNP

    Pro-Minority federalist National List MP Jayampathy Wickramaratne and his party members Western Provincial Council member Keerthi Kariyawasam, Jagath Hemachandra, and Chameera Perera blamed the Buddhist clergy and Rana Viruvo for the recent massive defeat of UNP in the local election …

  • Sinhalese settlement rights in Jaffna

    Sinhalese settlement rights in Jaffna

    Supported by the Sri Lankan government, Sinhala nationalist and Buddhist monks from Colombo and Jaffna, a group of over  50 former Sinhalese families who were in Jaffna prior of the LTTE Tamil terrorism  have settled in Navakkuliya village, along the A9 …

  • SPUR called for Parliamentary Election

    SPUR called for Parliamentary Election

    The Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka Inc. (SPUR), a patriotic forum of expatriate Sri Lankans based in Australia demanded a quick parliamentary election following the defeat of Local Election by the so called pro-Federal Yahapalana …


  • Dissolve or be dissolved

    Dissolve or be dissolved

    By Malinda Seneviratne

    Constitutions are not always made with good intention. Even when the intention is good the unexpected trumps the word. They are supposed to be documents of the ‘forever’ kind, but if one thing is certain it is …

  • Pioneer in Buddhist Revival Movement

    Pioneer in Buddhist Revival Movement

    (Courtesy of Daily News)

    Colonel Olcott was an inspiring servant of mankind. He lived in our age and dedicated the later years of his life to Buddhism and the peoples of Asia particularly those of India and Sri Lanka. He …

  • Mandate lost: no two words about it

    Mandate lost: no two words about it

    Mahinda Rajapaksa, after losing the Presidential Election, making his now infamous from-the-window speech, blamed it ‘on the Tamils’. It was a crass, knee-jerk conclusion which was racist and a complete disavowal of his own and significant flaws. He has since …

  • Ranil Suspended Brig. Priyanka

    Ranil Suspended Brig. Priyanka

    (Amended excerpts From the “Sunday Times” Political Column of February 11th 2018)

    Just this week, a completely unrelated incident was to highlight the sharp and heightening divisions within Sirisena’s coalition. It came after Britain’s High Commissioner to Sri Lanka James