• YMBA was Established in Jaffna,

    YMBA was Established in Jaffna,

    With the support of YMBA Borella, Colombo, a YMBA was established in Jaffna.

    The YMBA has been established in Jaffna after 100 years since the last YMBA was disbanded.

    A simple function for the establishing of the YMBA was held …

  • No 13A – National Front of Patriots

    No 13A – National Front of Patriots

    The National Front of Patriots, or Deshapremi Jathika Balawegaya has issued an open letter to Buddhist Monks and other religious leaders highlighting the adverse impact if the 13th amendment implemented by pro-federalist Ranil Wickramasinghe.

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  • Global Forum Against 13A

    Global Forum Against 13A

    The Global Sri Lankans Forum, (GSLF) a forum of patriotic Sri Lankan expatriate have issued a letter to Prime Minister highlighting the adverse impact of implementing 13th Amendment.

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  • Public Verdict on 13A

    Public Verdict on 13A

    A forum of local and international patriots have organised a session to highlight  the public anger on the pro-Federal and pro-Separatists 13 Amendment made to the Sri Lankan constitution imposed by Indian when JR Jayawadhana was the president in 1987.…

  • Where does India stand with US in Asia?

    Where does India stand with US in Asia?

    “There are no permanent friends only permanent interests”. The mantra of all powerful nations. It portrays America’s attitude towards Indian PM Modi before & after 2014. All that was said against Modi were swept aside to embrace him as their …


  • History is new(s)

    History is new(s)

    The late Jayalath Manoratne was arguably one of the finest actors this country has seen, on stage and on screen. He made each character he portrayed utterly memorable. Among all of them, perhaps the strangest character he had to play …

  • A gateway to illumination in West Virginia

    A gateway to illumination in West Virginia

    My friend Senaka Seneviratne, whenever he calls me, addresses me as ‘Captain Seneviratne.’ I have duly appointed him to a higher rank, Admiral Seneviratne. We’ve known each other for more than 40 years now, but back then he was just …