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  • Tripitaka declared as a national heritage

    Tripitaka declared as a national heritage

    The national ceremony to proclaim the Theravada Tripitaka as a national heritage commenced at the historic Aluviharaya temple in Matale on 5th Jan. 2019, under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena.

    The Government had requests public to hoist the Buddhist …

  • Psychology of Tamil Diaspora

    Psychology of Tamil Diaspora

    Just to highlight the raucous, boisterous, character of Tamils, I would like to bypass the journal on Governance and Psychology and give readers an event that happened in Sydney in November 2015. Its title: “Sydney Tamils boycott Sumanthiran’s meeting in …

  • An Open Letter to MP from Dr.

    An Open Letter to MP from Dr.

    The National University Teachers Association,NUTA has written a strong letter to MPs about the changing of their party and danger of the separatists new Constitution which is being drafted by Pro-LTTE Tamil Terrorists backed TNA and JVP.

    The full text …


  • LTTE and MR

    LTTE and MR

    Some thoughts on the alleged bribe MR offered the LTTE to get them to force the Tamil population under their control in the North and East to boycott the 2005 Presidential Election to improve the chances of an MR victory……

  • 2019 for Federalism?

    2019 for Federalism?

    As we enter 2019, a year that promises to be a challenging one for Sri Lanka in every way possible. Not only the year ahead, even the decade ahead is likely to be a challenging period for Sri Lanka as …