• Arrest LTTE Tamil Terrorist Adele Balasingham

    Arrest LTTE Tamil Terrorist Adele Balasingham

    Sinhala Jathika Peramuna, SJP has submitted a formal complaint to London Metropolitan Police against the LTTE Tamil terrorists Adele Balasingham requesting to initiate an investigation into Adele Balasingham’s role within the LTTE in Sri Lanka and to arrest and indict …

  • Tigress No More

    Tigress No More

    Tamilnadu Chief Minister, strong LTTE Tamil terrorist supporter, funder, sympathizer and anti-Sinhala racist Jayalalithaa, mistress of former Tamilnadu Chief Minister Ramachandran, another LTTE Tamil terrorist supporter passed away on Monday.

    In support LTTE Tamil terrorists, Jayalalitha banned Sri Lankan sportsmen


  • The management of insecurities

    The management of insecurities

    By Malinda Seneviratne

    Dayan Jayatilleka has made some pertinent points regarding conflict resolution and the seemingly vexed issue of Tamil grievances/aspirations and relief sought in an article titled ‘Constitution-making and the North-South political cycle’.

    I have an issue withe the …

  • Constitution making process slows down

    Constitution making process slows down

    By Kelum Bandara
    (Courtesy of Daily Mirror)

    When the six sub-committees submitted their reports with proposals for constitution-making on different subjects, it was thought that the process would progress. Yet, it has proven otherwise, as the process has hit a …

  • Trumps and jokers, global and local

    Trumps and jokers, global and local

    By Malinda Seneviratne

    Did he say ‘I’ll make other countries also great (again)”?

    It has been reported that the Government has asked US President Elect Donald Trump to pressure the UN Human Rights Council to drop war crimes allegations against …