An Ancient Island in Dire Peril

R Chandrasoma

Ancient Sri Lanka paid heavily for its misfortune in being very close to that politico-geographic behemoth called India. Indeed, the history of our land is – broadly speaking – coterminous with our encounters with our dangerous neighbour.

The fact that we are – to some degree – plagiarists in matters of culture and religion does not obviate the fact that the principal threat to our ancient civilization has come from India. Indeed, opportunistic invasions and partial colonization by hordes from India were a sad but indelible feature of our rich and varied history. This threat continues to this day and to say that our ancient Island is in dire peril today is no flight of fancy.

Let us briefly recount the Indian Hand in the tumult of recent years. The Tamil Tiger Rebellion would not have had chance if the Indian Special Forces had not armed and trained them in the first instances. Tamil Separatism and its attendant ideological dreams are now part of the sub-culture of the region and it would be foolish indeed to suppose that Tamil separatism in Sri Lanka would ever be divorced from that long-continued malignancy in that region.

The ‘malignancy’ we speak of is the thirst of the Tamil autochthons to find a place in the world as a Free and Independent People. Their best bet today is the destabilization of Sri Lanka and the establishment of a platform in The North-East (Eelam) that would serve as a springboard for more grandiose projects.

In this grand vista, what is the role of the Indian Government? A powerful and stable Sri Lanka is not good news for India – paradoxical though this may seem.

That it is prepared to go the extra mile to thwart political excellence if its hegemonic status is threatened was wonderfully illustrated in the downfall of the government (of MR’s) that defeated the Tamil Tigers and made Sri Lanka the most stable and prosperous country in South Asia.

The Indian Government in collaboration with those Western Powers whose sole aim is to destabilize and destroy emerging nations worked wonders to overthrow MR and reduce Sri Lanka to a client state. That local ‘westernized’ traitors were not wanting in this despicable project should not come as a surprise given the historic perfidy of the elite in Sri Lanka.

We come to the main point. It is said that history repeats itself and things are so nicely poised in favour of the Indians that a ‘repeat’ of past follies seems inevitable. As a first step the North-East Elamists will defy the weak and feckless government in power and act on an agenda of their own devising of which the principal task will be the expulsion of the Sinhala Troops from the North and East.

As the Government dithers, an incident such as the sinking of a Tamil Fishing boat – supposedly but the Navy- will provide the needed excuse to the Indians to land auxiliary forces in open support of the Eelamists in NE Sri Lanka. What can we expect the Feckless Fools leading our country to do if such a challenge must be faced? Will they not give in just as JR ‘bottomed out’ before Dixit and the Indian Army? For the first time in recent history we have a leadership that blames the Sinhala people for the misfortunes of the past.

The Tamils were ‘wronged’ by Sinhala racists – a logic which dictates that Prabhakaran appeared as the ‘avenger’ to punish the wicked Sinhala Buddhists. That such aberrations in thinking are commonplace in the governing elite of this country makes the future dire indeed.

A final point. How can we make Sri Lanka safe from the marauding Indian leviathan – an entity that has menaced all its neighbour-states and contributed nothing to global stability? It is said the power comes out of the barrel of a gun – if we – with Chinese help – install advanced missile batteries in the NE coast line, the Indians will find that they have bitten their own tail.

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