Appeal by Sri Lankans to UNHRC Members

The patriotic Sri Lankans living in Sri Lanka and all over the world under the banner of World Alliance for Peace, WAPS in Sri Lanka has appealed to the UNHRC to reject the draft resolution (HRC-25) against Sri Lanka. It is highlighted in the appeal that the draft resolution is in contravention of the basic principles of the UNHRC as enunciated in its ‘Charter,’ including the principles of “universality, impartiality, objectivity, non-selectivity and constructive international dialogue,” along with the norms of fair play and justice.

Based on the various unauthenticated sources, mainly from the pro-LTTE sources, the draft Resolution has raised concerns with respect to two sets of issues: first, a purported increase in human rights violations in the country; and second, a lack of progress with regard to accountability, i.e. a lack of credible investigations into violations of humanitarian laws allegedly committed during the last stages of the war.

In this instance, WAPS has emphasised that the UNHRC has an established mechanism to take up such matters – namely the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and therefore it argues that there is no justification for a country- specific resolution.

The cited pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists two sources in the draft resolution are the Secretary General’s Panel of Experts (POE) Report of March 2011, and the Channel 4 videos. It is fact that the POE and Channel 4 videos have not at any stage been tabled officially before the Council and Sri Lanka has had no opportunity to respond to them before the Council. Thus, the credibility of these two sources has never been tested. This is a serious violation of procedural fairness. Furthermore, with respect to the POE, there are allegations that sample letters generated by pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora elements and sent online to the Panel comprise a part of the evidence on which the Panel reached its conclusions with regard to alleged violations of humanitarian law; that satellite photos used by the Panel were manipulated; and that data on humanitarian aid sent to the conflict zone by the Government of Sri Lanka was deliberately under-reported

The Appeal has signed by 51 Nationalistic Organisations and 582 individuals in Sri Lanka and outside of Sri Lanka. The full text of the Appeal submitted to UNHRC is as follows;

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