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Appoint a Presidential Commission of Inquiry into Ethno-Religious Issues in Sri Lanka

When military interventions and R2P have taken place based on false flags, false rescues, fake videos/documentaries, false allegations & fake witness accounts, when media has been used to fool & lie to the general public, when actors/actresses are hired to pretend they are victims we have every right to wonder whether events have authenticity or whether they have been created or manufactured with other intents & agendas in mind. When there has been no historical evidence of the Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslims living in disharmony in the past and all troubles started after arrival of colonial invaders using their divide & rule policies, it is time a Presidential Commission was appointed to generate Island-wide participation from the citizens to ask them their inputs & for the Commission to put down the reasons, the actions, the reactions, the external players & funds that have created the disharmony that prevails. Any solution must come AFTER the public are given an opportunity to put on record their views and solutions must come from them.

The Presidential Commission must cover
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How many racial conflicts have taken place before 1505, from 1505 to 1948 and since 1948. What has been the background to the start of these conflicts – who first started it, how, has anyone funded it externally & why, are their names, political parties or external players that can be identified & named?
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How did armed militancy start in Sri Lanka – both JVP & LTTE, who initially trained, armed & funded them, who later adopted them to align to their political agendas? Are there any government, INGO, NGO, individuals, officials linked to these groups – can they be identified & named & what has been the actions taken against them? Are they active now & in what ways do they contribute to the tensions. Why are those who try to convey the truth demonised and called names? Is it to silence them or to ensure people are mentally programmed to not take in what they have to say? These are time-tested tactics that are applied globally. Every person trying to highlight the other version are called all sorts of denigrative names.

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What are the reasons for some ethno-religious tensions – is it the rise in extremist fundamentalists – if so how have they been allowed to promote their extremism, who is funding them, how are they getting their funds, where have they infiltrated, are politicians involved – can these be identified & named? Who threw the first stone, why is that never highlighted and instead only the reaction is given prominence by media?
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How have disproportionate-to-population rise in mosques, kovils, churches, madrassas, prayer centres contributed to tensions. Most of these start out not as such but end up becoming religious places & when people object it is quickly promoted as racist/racial discrimination thus ignoring the illegality of such but allowing it which instils distrust & anxiety among communities.
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Have sudden demographic change & the inequality in application of laws for all become reason for the anxiety – if so what are these? Is it the demand by ethno-religious political parties, politicians, civil society groups that have played a role in increasing these tensions, if so what are the examples that can be given? Allow people to name these examples. Give both versions a chance.

Have incursions into sacred heritage sites, destruction of sacred sites, ancient architectural & archaeological sites, cunning bulldozing of ancient sites & building other religious structures on top of it, bribing of government officials and accruing illegal buildings/lands & facilities contributed to these tensions –if so what examples can be cited? Allow people to place allegations of these taking place throughout the country.
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Have the political bargaining of ethno-religious political parties using global en bloc country pressure diplomatically, in the UN, through their religious entities & through trade contributed to the animosities & tensions? Has it been an option to throw money & silence authorities from taking action?

Have ethno-religious tensions contributed as a result of the funding and bribing of ethno-religious politicians, even Sinhala politicians, media, law enforcement authorities and others contributed to the rising tensions where the minorities have found it convenient to bribe and get what they want done & then use media to cry foul when the majority react – if so, what are the instances that can be cited for such scenarios.

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How have media contributed to the ethno-religious tensions in the country. How relevant are the findings of the Press Commission Report to the present day conduct of media, editors & columnists many of whom are writing under pseudonyms and media is giving them an open platform to denigrate? Are they following proper ethics in their writings, have they promoted or fanned ethnic tensions – the public must be given instances to bring out allegations against the media for their bias in reporting and how these have contributed to the ethno-religious tensions particularly keeping in mind the violations committed by global mainstream media in the manner they have helped lie to the general public to justify invasions, military interventions & regime change in countries by relaying false news, fake witness accounts, fake rescue operations, fake videos etc. How relevant & applicable are these to Sri Lanka as well.

What is the role of Foreign Embassies, Envoys, foreign NGOs & locals on their payroll including the UN & associate entities in inciting racial tensions – have they funded programs, initiatives etc that have contributed to these tensions, are initiatives like Democracy in Elections nothing but devising ways to rig elections, are programs like Good Governance in Parliament nothing but helping regime change? – if so, what are they & people must be given an opportunity to express their views and opinions of the instances they feel that these entities have applied covert & overt operations & actions to create racial tensions.
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These are just a handful of scenarios that are never taken to consideration when throwing allegations at parties claiming them to be guilty. Funnily enough those making the allegations are the usual culprits that have contributed to tensions in other parts of the world. Therefore, it is very important that we do not take their version of things as it is anyway biased and advancing other agendas. People need to identify what is taking place in Sri Lanka with that of what has taken place in other parts of the world where these targeted countries are now in ruins. We do not wish to be another victim nation.
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It is time the public, given that they end up the ultimate victim whoever is responsible for tensions, should have their say and a Presidential Commission must call for public hearings & written submissions from people that will cover all and more of the above scenarios that may have contributed or are the actual cause for the tensions that exist or have been manufactured to shut the voice of one party to enable the agenda using the other party/parties to continue without objections.
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The truth must come out – there is no single version to things but there are actions that generate the animosity to create a reaction or actions which are purposely created to trigger a reaction. The authentic & false actions/reactions are what we need to now identify and find solutions to only the authentic grievances & not the manufactured ones.
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Shenali D Waduge

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