Australia deports Ex-LTTE Tamil asylum seekers

Kavi, a 25-year-old pro-LTTE bogus Tamil asylum seeker, has been deported to Sri Lanka. His father seems  murdered by LTTE Tamil terrorists  and  his mother’s and sister’s seems disappeared under the Human Shield of the Tamil terrorits.

The 25-year-old bogus asylum seeker,  Kavi, had been detained in the Yongah Hill immigration detention centre near Perth for four months, since his visa expired. He had been in Australia for six years, having fled Sri Lanka illegally after the Tamil terrorism in North and East of Sri Lanka for 30 year  war with LTTE Tamil terrorists which were wiped out in May 2009 by President Rajapaksa government. Kavi’s brother was killed in action in 2009 with LTTE terrorism.

Kavi, pro-LTTE terrorist allegedly claiming that  his family cannot be contacted while all Tamils are well connected to the each other and government has carried out rehabilitation and development programms in North, in order  to gain sympathy from the Australian authorities.

 “I have now lost contact with my mother and sister. The last I spoke to them was on 28 March 2018. The Red Cross has been contacted to search for them. But until today I have no news about my mother and sister who are still missing.”

Tamils are frequently used similar bogus appeals based on fabricated stories to get the economic advantage in Australia under so called protection of political asylum seekers. Numbers of Tamil lawyers and so called human rights activist are doing a very lucrative business with these asylum seekers and human traffickers in North Sri Lanka.

Following are the some fabricated statements of Kavi, submitted through his migration lawyers to the Australian Authority which was completely rejected by Australian Immigration;

       “I fear that my father’s killing and my mother’s and sister’s disappearance are both       connected,” he wrote. “My family and I “believe” that my father was killed by the Sri Lankan security agencies. We “believe” he was killed because they suspected that we assisted the the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam”

        “I fear of what will happen to me if I am forcefully returned to Sri Lanka,” he wrote. “I fear that my mother and sister have now been killed and I am afraid that I may face the same fate as my family at the hands of the Sri Lankan security agencies …

       “For safety of my life I desperately request that my case is reassessed by the Department of Home Affairs.”

Pro-Federalist Sri Lankan prime minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe, has urged Tamils who fled Sri Lanka to return, saying “all is forgiven”.


The Political asylum seeking application of the ex-LTTE Tamil terrorist had been rejected four times by Australian authorities. Having been found not to meet the criteria for political asylum  status by the then immigration department, he had applied for review by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, and two appeals were dismissed.  These procedures have frequently been funded by the LTTE front organizations who earned the funds illegally during the war time.

Home affairs department regulations state that requests will be considered when a person makes “genuine and compelling claims” that authorities believe this application and almost all other Tamil Asylum seeks application are not genuine as most of them are ex-Tamil terrorists.

Kavi, ex-terrorist planning to do another illegal act by entering to India illegally, where families of LTTE Tamil terrorists are living as refugees  in camps in Tamil Nadu which is the breeding ground of the Tamil terrorism.

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