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  • Ultimate goal of Geneva resolutions

    Ultimate goal of Geneva resolutions

    During the last few weeks, serious concerns have been expressed in print and electronic media about the possibility of imposing economic sanctions on Sri Lanka and trade embargos, actions against alleged war crimes committed by Sri Lankan armed forces, and …

  • NATO war crimes in Serbia

    NATO war crimes in Serbia

    Fifteen years after NATO invaded Yugoslavia, memories of the 78-day bombing are still haunting present-day Serbia. Above all, people ask why the alliance brought them death and destruction. RT presents its documentary ‘Zashto?’ from the war-torn country.
    On March 24, …

  • Update from Geneva – 3

    Update from Geneva – 3

    Kirubakaran, a leading eelamist and Sunanda Deshapriya; pro-LTTE and anti Sri Lankan journalist who was accused by his NGO, Free Media Moment for misuse of NGO funds are now actively working together against Sri Lanka in Geneva. Both has been …

  • Appeal by Sri Lankans to UNHRC Members

    Appeal by Sri Lankans to UNHRC Members

    The patriotic Sri Lankans living in Sri Lanka and all over the world under the banner of World Alliance for Peace, WAPS in Sri Lanka has appealed to the UNHRC to reject the draft resolution (HRC-25) against Sri Lanka. It …

  • Update from Geneva – 2

    Update from Geneva – 2

    NGO backed Sandya Ekneligoda, wife of an anti-Sri Lankan so-called journalist who worked for a similar anti-Sri Lankan electronic media was stopped and questioned by the security staff  of the UNHRC. Sandaya was questioned and searched for some anti-Sri Lanka …

  • Update from Geneva – 1

    Update from Geneva – 1

     Calum Macrae, pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists propagandist is now in Geneva to support  LTTE diaspora. Calum has organized a meeting today with Pro-LTTE terrorists diaspora as a part of his contract with LTTE Tamil terrorists. The Tamil terrorists backed diaspora and …