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  • Northern Episcopal Vengeance

    Northern Episcopal Vengeance

    Durand Appuhamy

    (Courtesy for The  Island 15th January 2014)

    Catholic bishops,  Rayappu Joseph of Mannar and Thomas Saundranayagam Jaffan with LTTE Tamil Terrorists.

    It has been alleged that two northern Catholic bishops, Drs. Rayappu Joseph and Thomas Saundranayagam, have …

  • Why is India inviting Sri Lankan Fishermen?

    Why is India inviting Sri Lankan Fishermen?

    By Bandu de Silva

    Will India allow Indian Groups to go to neighbouring countries like Pakistan and China to discuss issues impinging on bi-lateral relations?

    Whatever the reason may be, Chief Minister Jayalaliha Jeyram had a point when she expressed …