BBS Protests Interference of UK Gov. in Sri Lanka

The Buddhist nationalist organization; Bodhu Bala Sena, BBS handed over a strongly worded letter to UK Prime Minister via British High Commissioner requesting not to interfere with internal matter of Sri Lanka to promote Tamil separatism.

Letter stated that, studying your statements we have realized that you have got biased information from your diplomatic and other channels about Sri Lanka’s present situation. Western Media reports this situation as undemocratic and unconstitutional. Even they say this crisis can lead to bloodbath and civil war. We know these words are used by some affected politicians to get sympathy of the western community to describe present situation. This reporting does not represent the real truth and feelings of the majority of people belongs to all ethnic groups. This will lead to creating completely wrong impression about current issues in Sri Lanka.

Further sataed that monks of Bodu Bala Sena and other Buddhist organisations urge UK government not to make any such statements of this nature without proper study and clear information . This is unfair and disturb highly to resolve our internal matters peacefully, democratically and constitutionally.

Finally it has drawn the attention of the UK government that as an independent and sovereign state , Sri Lanka can resolve their political issues on their own. It does not want any so called western international community unnecessary interference and influence to resolve our own problems. Accordingly BBS urge to assist to resolve internal matters without making any biased statements which does not represent clear information about current situation in Sri Lanka..

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