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Buddhist Temple Re-Established in the Land Grabbed by Tamils in KKS

A Buddhist Vihara being renovated and developed at Kaladiya in Kankasanthuraya (KKS) in Jaffna district. The development of the Buddhist Viharaya commenced in coincided with the expansion of the Palali military airport for civilian services.

The Buddhist temple is being renovated and being developed in the land located next to the place where former Governor of Northern province Mr. Reginald Cooray laid the foundation stone for development Tissa Vihara in August 2018.

During the times of British colonial rule time a prominent Sinhala businessman Mr. Galagama Arachchige Abrahim Perera (G.A. A Perera) of Udahamulle, Nugegoda in Colombo had made a registration of 1.25 acre of the land plot which was in his possession at Kaladiya village, on 18 December 1946. After that Buddhist monks established the Thissa Viharaya in this land.

Two monks in Jaffna at that time, Brahmanawaththe Damma Kiththi Thissa Thero of Naghadeepaya and Kalutara Pandithaseela Dharmatissa Thero of KKS, were named as the purchasers of the land as well as the trustees of the ‘Tissa temple’.

During the times of LTTE Tamil terrorists’ war Thissa Viharaya was attacked by Tamil terrorist and chased away the Buddhist Monks. Then, District Secretariat of Jaffna had given this land to 11 landless Tamil families ignoring its ownership for Thissa Viharaya. These kinds of force acquisition of properties belong to Sinhalese was common in Jaffna. After the end of war, six of these families had managed to resettle back in their properties following release of land by Yahapalana government while Sinhala Maha Vidyalaya in Jaffna is still occupied by the military obstructing education for Sinhala children in Jaffna.


Buddhist Monks at the Ceremony of the Buddhist Vihara development.

The Jaffna District Secretariat had been asked several times by Governor of Northern Province to relocate those forcefully settled Tamil families from the land belong to Buddhist monks in order to expand the temple.
Pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist political party TNA politicians, Tamil government officers and other racist and extremist Tamils are systematically and forcefully acquiring the lands and properties belong to Sinhalese in Northern Province of Sri Lanka.

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