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Budget 2019 – Compensation Payments to LTTE Tami Terrorists

The first budget issued by the pro-Tamil, Pro-LTTE and anti-Sinhala –Buddhist Minister of Finance, Mangala Samaraweera has proposed to  pay compensations to the families of LTTE Tamil terrorists and disabled Tamil terrorists.

Pro-federalist Samaraweera who signed the anti-Sri Lanka UNHRC Resolutions 30/1 in 2015 without government cabinet approval has suggested to pay Rs.6,000 per month in his budget as a compensation payment to the ex-LTTE Terrorists and their families while arresting  and harassing the war heroes – Rana Viruvo.

This is a gross violation of rights and misuse of the tax paying money of Sri Lankans who faced with the Tamil terrorism over 30 years in Sri Lanka.

The so called Yahapalana government who came to power in January 2015 by  manipulation with the pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists political party, TNA and JVP has given several numbers of reconciliation packages to minorities in particularly for Tamil while ignoring the majority Sinhala victims of the Tamil terrorism. No such packages or benefits have been given to the internally displaced Sinhala people in Jaffna by the Yahapalana government to date. Those IDP Sinhalese are living in a very pathetic condition while Yahapalana government provides all facilities to Tamil community in Jaffna.

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