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CAREFUL National Peace Council PLAN TO REVIVE TERRORISM – Udaya Gammanpila

Always wanted ceasefires when LTTE Terrorists were cornered


The NGO National Peace Council’s game of supporting Tamil separatism and the pro LTTE diaspora under the banner of human rights is turning out to be a craftily mapped out plan to revive LTTE terrorism, said Western Provincial Minister and lawyer Udaya Gammanpila.

“They are on a mission to activate separatist networks while leading the international community astray with their human rights rhetoric,” Gammanpila said. Reacting to a statement issued by pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists National Peace Council (NPC) that has urged the government and other political parties to urgently set up institutions to enable giving a measure of autonomy to the Tamil people, Gammanpila said that the NPC is clearly functioning as a pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora front, that is trying to cause communal unrest in the country.

“The NPC has said in their statement that the government has held elections in the Northern Provincial Council, but it is useless unless the Council is allowed to function without undue interferences from the centre. I challenge NPC activists to name any powers which the center has withheld from the Northern Provincial Council that are enjoyed by the other PCs.”  “I challenge them to name any power which other Provincial Councils in the country enjoy which the Northern Provincial Council does not”. “They say that a measure of autonomy must be given to the Tamils . This is to allude that Provincial Councils have no autonomy. All the Provincial Councils in the country, including the Northern Provincial Council have autonomy in regard to their administration,” he added.

“The NPC has always stood for autonomy for Tamils in Sri Lanka, self governance, and self-determination, which have been the very demands made by the Tamil separatists,” he said. “We all know that whenever the LTTE was in trouble, the NPC came to the fore to urge the government to declare ceasefires. Their track record clearly shows that they have been in favour of Tamil separatism and Tamil terrorism,” he said. “In their statement, the NPC has questioned the military presence in the Northern Province.

The Northern Province is a part of Sri Lanka. Nobody can question the military presence in the North. It was in the North that terrorism prevailed throughout the recorded history of Sri Lankan for 2,600 years. More than ninety percent of foreign invasions have come from the North,” he pointed out.

“In order to protect the borders and territorial integrity, the government has to increase the military presence in the Provinces for security reasons,” he said. .

“Do not forget the fact that we have 2,400 once captured terrorists who are living in the North. The government has to be vigilant,” he pointed out.

“US forces are stationed in Japan,Korea , Kazakhstan and all over the world and nobody questions about that. When Sri Lanka keeps forces within its territory it becomes everybody’s headache. Sri Lanka has a legitimate right to decide where it should keep its forces. It is up to the Ministry of Defense to assess and decide on such matters. It cannot be dictated to by NGOs, such as the pro-LTTE NPC that are funded by Western countries,” Gammanpila explained.

He said the NPC has shown its immaturity by expressing in their statement that the government is not cooperating with the UNHRC. After vehemently opposing the UNHRC resolution, nobody can expect Sri Lanka to cooperate with it . “We believe, we should always engage with the members of Tamil National Alliance (TNA ), but not through foreign parties. They are members elected by the public. There is the Parliamentary Select Committee established by the President for dialogue. Unfortunately, the TNA is boycotting it. Instead of urging the government, the NPC should urge the TNA to participate in the PSC to find solutions to their problems,” he added.

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