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  • The parable of Lute and devolution

    The parable of Lute and devolution

    A very thought provoking pragmatic debate ended today(11th Sept.) between Dr. Dayan Jayatillake(DJ) and Emeritus Professor Dr. G.H.Peiris (GP) in the Colombo Telegraph and in The Island newspaper, concerning the devolution of political power in Sri Lanka. There appears to …

  • Gang rape of democracy

    Gang rape of democracy

    Courtesy of The Island

    What we witnessed last Wednesday was, not to put too fine a point on it, gang rape of democracy. The Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) has frowned on the manner in which the yahapalana government …

  • Discrimination in Sri Lanka!

    Discrimination in Sri Lanka!

    Isn’t it shocking to even imagine that those people who have been propagating false propaganda about ethnic discrimination were actually denying the basic human rights of their own people?

    Is the situation different today? Sadly the answer is no.