Conspiracy behind the chief Aluthgama actors

Dr Kamal Wickremasinghe

(Courtesy for Daily News)

The international media frenzy that followed the recent ethnic disturbances in Aluthgama and Dharga Town gave the distinct impression that the cabal of news editors of Western wire services based in New Delhi, Bangkok and other nearby cities were extraordinarily well prepared to report on the regrettable events; Barring premonition as a realistic possibility, they obviously had prior knowledge and they were ready with their copy, well in advance.

The sensationalised reporting on the violence suggested a level of gravity that far exceeded the real extent of the events, and the exaggerated reports were accompanied by “analyses” containing sinister insinuations of government complicity, and at least government acquiescence with the events.

Almost at the time of the first pelting of stones and the lighting of fires by extremist Muslim mobs and Buddhist extremists, disgraced veterans of the George Soros’ ‘global restructuring army’ started coming forward with their prescriptions with intent – They clearly have many ‘scores to settle’ with Sri Lanka, including for not subjecting itself to the OHCHR “inquiry’ they worked so hard to establish.

The first to come out was the noted Sri Lanka “analyst” Alan Keenen of the Soros-financed the International Crisis Group. Busybody Keenan focused on painting a picture of systematic oppression of minorities by an out-of-control Buddhist majority – he blamed the entire nation – with the tacit approval of the government.

Another operator from the international conspiracy at Soros stables, Brad Adams of the Human Rights Watch, dictated – from New York – that Sri Lankan authorities “need to do more” and “take a hard look at the role and relationship between extremist Buddhist groups like the BBS and the Sri Lankan security forces.” The Rupert Murdoch-owned The Economist, in a piece disgracefully titled “Another minority under threat”, alleged that local press largely ignored or played down the rioting.

1All such sensationalised reports and analyses of the unfortunate events in the Western corporate media echo chamber failed to mention the conspiratorial role of the “international community” that they represent, in stealthily financing and providing organisational support to the rabble who call themselves Bodhu Bala Sena (BBS).

Nor did they mention the contribution made by the US embassy in Colombo to the violence by enabling the assembly of a large mob at Aluthgama, courtesy of its “Twitter training program” aimed exclusively at minority youth.

Violence was clearly the result of CIA covert action

The CIA’s use of extremist groups, death squads and false-flag terror to incite civil war in countries around the world is no secret – in Indonesia, in 1965, while the leading neocon Paul Wolfowitz was ambassador there, CIA-trained and controlled death squads murdered roughly one million Indonesians labelled “Communists”.

The book, Devil’s Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam by Robert Dreyfuss provides a comprehensive account of how the CIA fuelled the rise of political Islam and militant fundamentalism in the Middle East and Central Asia in the late 1990s.

Since then, the CIA evil has evolved in to sponsoring extremists on all sides of the political-religious divide in nations targeted for regime change through civil war. They tried and failed in Iran and Syria, and was partially successful in Egypt; Sri Lanka is very much in their cross wires for obvious reasons.

It is clear that US-British neocon alliance is targeting Sri Lanka for a second time for active undermining through the encouragement and sustenance of a minority rebellion. Emboldened by the extraordinary success of the British sponsorship of Tamil rebel groups through the agency of Anton Balasingham in the 1970s, the US neocons have taken on the mantle of sponsoring a minority rebellion of a different complexion this time.

In the early 1970s, there were different reasons for their targeting of Sri Lanka for active undermining, due largely to the prominent role Sri Lanka was playing in the Non Aligned Movement, and in passing a UN resolution on declaring Indian Ocean a Zone of Peace.

The Sri Lanka-led initiatives at the UN, coinciding with the British-US clandestine moves to establish the Diego Garcia military base in the Indian Ocean, led to their campaign to ‘create hell’ at home for Sri Lanka as a means of distracting from international activism. This they successfully did for nearly three decades!

The current US attempts to concentrate on the Muslim minority in Sri Lanka using the same template follows the conclusion in a CIA analysis of “Why the Tamil rebellion failed in Sri Lanka”, carried out in 2009 under the auspices of Robert O. Blake; The CIA analysis concluded that prospects of a reinvigorated Tamil armed insurgency in Sri Lanka is extremely low due to a host of factors including the ‘war fatigue’ among the Tamil community in the North and the East, and the near total lack of support for separatism among Colombo Tamils.

The sick minds of the neocons therefore turned towards the Muslim minority in Sri Lanka, all the more appealing to them due to the higher possibility of eliciting a more severe international reaction against Sri Lanka by alleging, through the Western corporate media, ill treatment of Muslims by the Sri Lankan government and the ‘Sinhalese’ in general.

The scheme also fits in well with their global strategy of fuelling a Sunny Muslim uprising against the Shiite minority aimed primarily at their ultimate target, Iran.

Exploiting “useful idiots” – the BBS story

The sequence of events that led to the formation of the BBS (from around mid-2011 to late 2012) shows that the covert neocon teams operating from Colombo embassies found some “useful idiots” (in their own nomenclature), ripe for exploitation.

The “opportunity” for the neocons came in the form of Dilanthe Withanage, a graduate in Computing (1984) from the little-known Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi, Georgia, and the yellow-robed extremist Galabodaaththe Gnansissara.

2Withanage’s work history filled with a diverse range of short-term “careers”, pointing to a confused, overseas qualified local failing to get traction and Gnanissara’s own troubled past would have lit up the eyes of the neocons. Georgia where Withanage graduated, probably through sheer coincidence, happens to be the country where the CIA conspiracy of “Colour Revolutions” was first launched in 2003, installing the now-soured American puppet government of Mikheil Saakashvili through the so-called “Rose” revolution.

The manner in which the spy networks sprang in to action to exploit the opportunity provided by a group of naïve, ambitious group “seeking a problem” to their solution of a colour revolution a la Georgia is almost a case study in CIA’s destabilising methodology.

Withanage’s contract with destiny would have arisen through his employment with an NGO named Worldview Sri Lanka between 2006 and 2008. Worldview describes itself as an organisation engaged in “empowering” community groups to get resources, technology and information through mediation with policy makers.

At this point, the reader might consider it a sheer coincidence that the veteran Norwegian meddler in Sri Lanka, Arne Fjørtøft also ran an organisation named Worldview International Foundation, based in Sri Lanka; That is until we read the statement of denial of any Norwegian financing of the BBS by the Norwegian Ambassador in Sri Lanka, Ms. Grete Løchen.

Probably providing the final proof of the early role Norway played in extending ‘enough rope’ to the extremist group in its formative stages, Løchen reveals that Galabodaaththe Gnanissara contacted Worldview International Foundation in April 2011, well before the formal launch of the BBS, “to explore the possibility to meet with representatives of the Tamil Diaspora in Norway”.

Løchen also reveals that following “extensive planning”, it was agreed to fund a “Reconciliation Conference” in Norway from 20-26 October, 2011 in partnership with Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre (NOREF). Unrelated to the meeting in Colombo, Galabodaaththe Gnanissara had previously visited Norway in 2011, also financed by NOREF.

As a follow up to the “Oslo talks”, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs granted support in 2012 for a reconciliation project in Sri Lanka based on an application from the Nordic International Foundation (NIS Foundation). The Norwegian support to this project has simply been described as “ad-hoc”.

A conspiracy in motion

Arne Johansson Fjørtøft is a Norwegian journalist, politician, author, and NGO operator, with special connections to Sri Lanka. Following a long career as television news journalist in Norway, he was elected Chairman of the Green-Liberal Party in 1986.

Fjørtøft is most famous for founding, in 1967, the Cey-Nor Development Foundation, purportedly to serve disadvantaged fishing communities in Sri Lanka. He had developed close relations with the former Foreign Minister, the late A.C.S. Hameed who collaborated with him in 1979 to set up Worldview International Foundation in “for social change, environment and leadership”.

Worldview boasts the launch of Young Asia Television in 1995 as its “major project”.

Like all good Norwegian operators, Fjørtøft was also active in a number of other Asian countries of interest to neocons, with claims to establishing the first national television network in Nepal and crucially, in establishing in 1992, the Radio Democratic Voice of Burma to support the Burmese opposition.

An exercise in “joining the dots” shows that Fjørtøft was the prime mover in organising the financial and other support to BBS under the reconciliation charade.

He was the prime mover in organising the Norwegian NGO consortium including his own Worldview International, NOREF and NIS International financing of Withanage and Gnanissara.

Withanage reveals his naivety, and the total ignorance of how he was being manipulated by the neocon cabal when he, during an interview with the Asian Tribune, even did not know the name of the US embassy “political officer” who met with him immediately following a meeting with the Norwegian ambassador. Nor was he aware of the location they were taken to, upon arrival in Oslo.

Then comes the US embassy Twitter training course!

The CIA’s clandestine control of the global communication super structures, as revealed by Edward Snowden, extends to the use and manipulation of social media by them to achieve their evil objectives. The CIA attempts to use the social networking and microblogging service Twitter (that enables 140-character text messages) for quick communication of incendiary messages, including getting them to assemble have been well known.

The revelation last year of a failed attempt by the CIA front organisation USAID (whose stated mission is to end extreme poverty and promote the development of democratic societies) to create a Twitter-like information service in Cuba shows the extent to which the neocons would stoop. It was revealed that their nefarious objective of the operation was to gather personal data and political tendencies of Cubans, with a view to mobilise subscribers to political activism.

A similar program has been on offer at the US embassy in Colombo since early this year. The “training” is aimed at young Sri Lankans, with emphasis on minority youth, to consolidate social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) together with courses on how to take professional-looking photographs with mobile phones.

With a Sri Lankan trainer of ethnic origin who has come back following extensive training and work experience at a leading British telecommunications firm, carefully screened youth are invited for one-on-one training at the American Centre.

One does not need to be a Rhodes scholar to understand the hideous objectives of the project!

An analysis of the Aluthgama events beyond the superficial clearly points to a sinister plot by foreign enemies of Sri Lanka to destabilise; The assault on the Buddhist monk by Muslim youth against the backdrop of simmering ethnic tensions following the alleged sexual abuse of a little boy cannot be discounted as a spontaneous incident.

Nor can the large gathering at the Aluthgama meeting that followed the assault on the monk be explained on the virtually non-existing support base of the BBS.

As this analysis shows, having financed the establishment of the BBS, obviously for the potential among the rabble to create chaos, the neocon network is now using social media – obviously with the help of conniving local agents – to destabilise the country.

It is time that the people of Sri Lanka, and the government, tell the BBS where to go. Dilantha Withanage and Galabodaaththe Gnanissara do not seem to need much help to get there!


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