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Defence Secretary’s unusual request to the expatriate Tamils

According to a recent report published , the Defence Secretary , Hemasiri Fernando has invited expatriate Tamils to contact the Defence Ministry to report about the credible atrocities committed by the security forces. This is indeed a strange attempt to offer sacrifices under the delusion that Mr Hemasiri Fernando is carrying out a noble task as the majority of vocal members of the expatriate Tamil community has been highly critical of Sri Lanka’s defence forces for having stopped the Eelam drive of the LTTE at Nandikadal. Therefore. the response to the Defence Secretary’s clarion call will result in further complications with obviously biased inputs. But, it is common knowledge that there is a substantial yet many questionable and some fabricated published reports which had been submitted by the expatriate Tamils to the UNHRC and by other well -known NGOs and also to Western Governments which the Defence Secretary have ready access to. He should go through theses reports and start to consider to separate the facts from the fiction and to take action. if at all is the priority at present.

At the same time let me draw his attention to the documents such as the Census details in 2008/9/10 , LLRC conclusions , GSLF Re Appraisal report to OISL prepared by Sir Desmond De Silva, Prof D.M.Crane and Sir Geoffrey Nice and other authentic reports submitted by Lord Naseby and two senior officers of the UK and US army stationed in Sri Lanka et about the ‘atrocities committed and the responsible steps taken by the defence forces ‘ available to the Government and to the Ministry of Defence. Further there are detailed article by Kath Noble, Dr Delgoda- Tammita and Dr Micheal Roberts about the numbers of Tamil civilians killed said to have killed. If the defence secretary decides to comb out the issues he will realize that the members of our defence forces have gone that extra mile to protect tens of thousands of civilian lives in overcoming the terrorist LTTE.

We are awaiting for the Defence Secretary to go hard with the task of nailing the untruths about our defence forces as we are moved to know his keenness to hear the credible atrocities from the expatriate Tamils.

Spokesperson SPUR Victoria

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