Discrimination in Sri Lanka!

Isn’t it shocking to even imagine that those people who have been propagating false propaganda about ethnic discrimination were actually denying the basic human rights of their own people?

Is the situation different today? Sadly the answer is no.

The caste based discrimination is very much alive in Jaffna. That is why the Jaffna blood bank has to repeatedly seek support of Sinhalese to find blood for Tamil patients. There are always blood shortages in Jaffna hospitals because most of the residents are reluctant to donate blood thinking it will be given to some one from another caste. During the war, it was government soldiers who donated blood to Jaffna hospitals from which even the terrorists benefited. Just two months ago in June 2017, more than 200 soldiers and officers from the three armed forces donated blood in Jaffna responding to a special request from the Blood bank.

When the post independent Sri Lanka started offering equal rights to all citizens, the English speaking, high caste Tamil politicians did not like it. When they couldn’t prevent it happening, they started poisoning the minds of ordinary Tamils with false propaganda that it is better for the Tamils to have a separate rule. The objective was very simple. The elite wanted to go back to their age-old practice of suppressing and exploiting their own people.

Unfortunately as it always happens, a lot of people were successfully misguided by these politicians. The emergence of Tamil
terrorism, which brutalized the country for more than 30 years, was a result of this false propaganda.

Let us therefore be clear that Sri Lanka eventually faced a Tamil
Terrorist problem and not an Ethnic problem.

Sri Lanka has now wiped out Tamil
terrorism. The people of all ethnicities now want to live in peace and in harmony. They have nothing against each other. We accept Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and all other communities of Sri Lanka as citizens with equal rights. The Sinhalese have already extended their hands of brotherhood to the people of the North and the East.  Since the end of the war, bulks of the government development expenditure were routed to the North and the East.  The economic development opportunities are now available to all Sri Lankans.

Yet the sinister forces have not given up. They continue to spread hatred. They continue to preach separatism and terrorism
. They continue to mislead the international community false information.

It is up to the ordinary Tamils now to assess the true situation and decide how far this bogus ‘self-determination’ bid will lead them to. The must figure out whether this cry for separatism is for the benefit of all Tamils or to give power back to the elite who are unhappy with the equal rights regime?

There was a time when all Sinhalese, Tamils Muslims and other communities lived in peace and harmony. It was the colonial rulers who disturbed that peace first. Now it is continued by some Tamil Elite who have ulterior motives.

We must come together once again to rewrite our history books. The older generation needs to separate the realities from the lies.  The younger generation should not be taught to carry the aspirations of the old and must be encouraged to live in peace & harmony.

Let us therefore say no to ethnic based solutions. Let us say no to the external forces who only want to divide us.

In conclusion, it is emphasized once again that no minority is discriminated by any constitutional, legislative or judicial provision in Sri Lanka. Ethnicity based discrimination in Sri Lanka is a total myth. Whether Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslims we are all citizens of equal rights in a unitary state.

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