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Extremist Tamils Opposing to Buddhist Vihara in Kokilaya

Politically motivated extremists Tamils backed by pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist political aprty TNA opposing to the Buddhist Temple in Kokilaya.  Tamils in the area constantly are threatening to the chief priest of the temple Ven. Sri Thissapura Gunarathana thero.

Tamil civilians and extremist politically motivated government officials are objecting to the construction works currently going on at the Buddhist Viharaya.  Due to these constant threatening by the racist and extremist Tamils the temple has been given round the clock security by the Sri Lankan government.

Kokilaya has been a traditional Sinhala fisheries village until 1983 when LTTE Tamil terrorists massacre 100 Sinhala fishermen.

Due to the presence of the LTTE Tamil terrorists from 30 years native Sinhalese were prevented  to live in Kokilaya and Mulativa.  

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