extricated by Sinhala Buddhist mothers

(Courtesy  of The Island and Diwaina)


A special police team has been deployed to arrest a Muslim doctor who is a leading member of Tauhid Jamaat terrorist organization who has extorted 4000 Sinhala Buddhist mothers who had become extinct.

Sinhalese Buddhist mothers were diagnosed with Caesarean genital mutilation for the first birth, investigations have revealed that the suspected doctor has been extirpally diseased with the mosquito’s fallopian tubes.

It has also been revealed that this doctor has become a victim of this situation without knowing Sinhala Buddhist mothers who underwent surgery.

The suspected doctor has performed Caesarean operations for more than seven thousand pregnant mothers over the years, and among them are over 4,000 Sinhala Buddhist mothers.

The doctor has stated this with some of his friends, and several officials in the health sector have given him information. Police say that the suspect has received information that the doctor had committed the crime.

Police have been conducting further investigations over the suspected doctor for more than a week and police are to be arrested within the next few days, police sources said.

According to the sources, information regarding the doctor was questioned when interrogating a number of senior members of the Tawheed Jamat terrorist group.

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