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Former top diplomat condemns govt co-sponsoring detrimental Geneva Resolution once again

(Courtesy of The Island)

One-time Foreign Secretary and former UN Under Secretary General Dr. Palitha Kohona criticized the government decision to co-sponsor Geneva Resolution again at the expense of an opportunity to push for re-examination of allegations on the basis of Lord Naseby’s disclosure in Oct 2017.

Dr. Kohona said: “I am amazed that Sri Lanka has again cosponsored a HRC resolution, the original of which was based on blatant unsubstantiated statements contained in the Darusman Report. Now we have Lord Naseby’s painstaking research which exposes the inaccuracies in the Darusman Report and the report pre sented to the Council by the HCHR. More importantly, there is widespread discontent in the population at large about Sri Lanka co-sponsoring a resolution which will create at least a moral obligation for our future, a millstone around our necks and stick for our own backs, divisions within our society and a political victory for those who once sought to attain their goals through unbridled terrorism. The eagerness to self-flagellate is difficult to fathom.

Furthermore, President Sirisena has taken a different public stance to that reflected in the resolution. Co-sponsoring the resolution undermines his credibility and does not reflect well on our politics. At a time when we should be united on issues such as this, we have demonstrated a sad lack of international political cohesion to the world.

Whatever that we sought to achieve from some parts of the Western world by co-sponsoring the resolution, in my view, the negative impact of our action outweighs the perceived benefits.

Our action also sets a sad precedent for our traditional support base at the HRC.

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