Global Sri Lankans Condemned Sarath Fonseka

The Global Sri Lankan Forum, GSLF a group of patriotic expatriate Sri Lankans group issued a Press Release condemning the recent statements against the Rana Viruvo by former Army Commander and a minister of present pro-minority Yahapalana government Sarath Fonseka.

GSLF highlighted that they should not play the giddy goat to achieve the malicious objectives of one’s agenda at the expense of the defence forces which liberated over 285,000 Tamil children and adults from the tyranny of the brutal LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists and created a liveable space for all the Sri Lankans.

GSLF trust that Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka will not forget to affirm his much publicised statements assuring the world that war crimes were not committed by the Sri Lankan defence forces.

Press release stated that while the Global Sri Lankan Forum, deplore the statement made by the Field Marshall, we call upon all right-thinking leaders and the public to stand firm with the defence forces which helped to create a peaceful Sri Lanka by sacrificing tens of thousands of their members including the thousands that remain disabled or are counted as missing.

The full text of the Press Release is as follows;


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