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GSLF Submitted a Report about LTTE to UK Foreign Minister

The Global Sri Lankan Forum, GSLF submitted a report highlighting how the Pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists’ diaspora misusing the British soil for its banned LTTE activities in the UK and within the Europe. The report highlights 30 year of history of LTTE activities in Sri Lanka and all over the world in particular with a detail account of such activities in the UK.  The report was submitted to Foreign Minister of the UK by the Secretary of the GSLF-UK.

Until killing of former Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka, Mr. Lakshman Kadiragaman the headquarter office of Tamil terrorist outfit, LTTE was functioning in capital of UK, London.  After 9/11 New York attack, most of the head offices and coordinating offices of many terrorist organizations which were functioning under the cover of freedom fighters were banned in the UK. Until such time UK governments entertained such organization to operate within UK soils including LTTE Tamil terrorists.

Presently, pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist diaspora are publicly using banned LTTE flags and photos of its leader;  Prabakaran  publicly in the UK. However, UK government has not taken any actions to prevent it.  

 In January 2018, GSLF met Lord Naseby and   other senior law makers and decision makers at the UK parliamentary premises and discussed about the unfair one sided actions taken against Sri Lanka by the UNHRC.  

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