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GSLF will challenge UNHRC Procedure – GSLF(SL) Coordinator

Attorney Nuwan Bellanthudawa, Coordinator of the Global Sri Lankan Forum of Sri Lanka while addressing the annual assembly of the UNHRC in Geneva challenges the way and means in which the processes and procedures followed by UNHRC are controversial and one sided hence it is to be challenged in an International forum.

The full text of the speech delivered by Mr Bellanthudawa is as follows;

As per the Vienna Declaration and Program of Action adopted in June 1993 the acts, methods and practice of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations are described as activates aimed at the destruction of human rights, fundamental freedoms and democracy, threatening territorial integrity, security of States and destabilizing legitimately constituted Governments. It further stated that the international community should take the necessary steps to enhance cooperation with legitimately constituted Governments to prevent and combat terrorism.

But, what you have done Human Rights Commissioner to Sri Lanka?

Instead of supporting to a country that eliminated the terrorism, now you have completely taken the side of the terrorist even without giving an opportunity to debate the allegations in a fair and reasonable manner. by adopting duress, you have got so called OISL allies 30/1 resolution passed. This is Mr. Chairman completely violation of Vienna Declaration .

Mr. chairmen, your allegations are completely mistaken, biased and deliberately obfuscated. Your OISL accused SLA for killing 40,000 civilians. But,Tamilnet, a pro-LTTE website reported the numbers of civilian deaths as 8186. This includes around 5000 LTTE carders and the civilians deliberately killed by LTTE to stop them crossing to SLA controlled area.

UNHRC should review the Rebuttal submitted by GSLF in March 2017. As both Sri Lankan Government and UNHRC Commissioner have failed to consider the report we have seek another option in accordance with the UN Charter to pursue our case. Accordingly, today we filed a petition through the Complain Procedure. We, GSLF respectfully request from the UNHRC to consider our petition immediately. Until such period UNHRC should stop all procedures taken in accordance with the resolution 30/1 against Sri Lanka.

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