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How Force Enforced by UNHRC? – Admiral Sarath Weerasekara

Admiral Sarath Weerasekara questions how UNHRC enforce certain unfair rules and conditions by force on Sri Lanka on country basis to satisfy cheap geopolitics playing by Western countries.

Admiral Sarath Weerasekara raised these serious concerns at the UNHRC general session on 27th Sep. 2017 in Geneva while leading a team of patriots’ organized by Global Sri Lankan Forum, GSLF to represent Sri Lanka to defend the unitary status and allegation made against war heroes.

GSLF further questioned that to investigate so called war crimes committed in Sri Lanka what is the purpose of dividing the country to numbers of Federal States?

The full speech delivered by Admiral Weerasekara is as follows;

The Video of the speech can also be taken from below link:

Mr President,

Today we talk about capacity building and technical assistance, but can it be given forcibly?

This council in her first resolution praised the Sri Lankan government for defeating the LTTE and condemned it for using human shields. But the Secretary General appointed Panel of Expert without permission for personal knowledge. That report was never tabled officially and Sri Lanka never got a chance to respond. When it was commissioned, many prominent countries including Russia objected stating it was not done in accordance with UN procedure.

The resolution adopted based on that report permitting the high commissioner to conduct an investigation was again objected by many countries including India and Pakistan stating that it was a crass example of hypocrisy and double standard.

The final resolution recommending hybrid courts and constitutional changes was based on the seriously flawed and biased OISL report of the High Commissioner. So how can an unauthorized report for personal knowledge could end up being the foundation for resolutions?

Nowhere in the world an Army won a separatist war rescuing 300,000 people. Unfortunately the present government , to satisfy the separatist Tamil diaspora betrayed the nation by co-sponsoring the resolution.

The separatists are now trying to achieve what the terrorists could not for 3 decades. . We sincerely hope this council will not be deceived by the blatant lies being said here by pro LTTE Tamils and the hired Tamil politicians in Tamil Nadu. The Sri Lankan patriots are watching carefully as to how this council will react to this statement.

Budhu Saranai

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