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Hypocrisy Sri Lanka: Denying Celebrating Victory over LTTE but Mourning LTTE dead!

The Allies continue to celebrate Victory Day & end of World War 1 even enacting some of the famous battles & they are not bothered that Germany’s or Japan’s feelings are hurt. So what is this reconciliation nonsense that the present Sri Lankan government is promoting. Denying Victory Day celebrations & honoring the Army is one thing but allowing the Declaration of Mourning for LTTE & allowing the state-funded Jaffna University to erect a monument for LTTE terrorist leader & LTTE dead cadres places this government on a pedestal of lunacy & hypocrisy.

Everyone seems to forget the horrid past that is no more. How many can remember how life was when LTTE was bombing buses, trains, sending suicide missions? Do parents remember the agony of watching their children leave home not knowing whether they would return. How many mothers remember how they ran to schools every time a bomb went off? How many remember the ambulances heard 24×7 taking the injured both military personnel & civilians. How many of you are now silent totally forgetting what went in to ending that terror & ungrateful to those that brought peace to your lives? If you cannot be grateful & show appreciation at least annually what good a citizen are you? Does some commercial initiative need to be brought in like Valentines Day, Mother’s Day for the citizens of this country to remember & pay honor to those that delivered freedom? Have any of you looked at the manner the Victory Day is celebrated in the countries of the Allies where plush celebrations are held by the State, attended by every important person & guest & the manner the people too proudly honor their forces. Leave aside the Victory Day, when we are all aware of the illegal military interventions happening presently yet the citizens of these countries honor their soldiers, but what do our citizens in Sri Lanka do, they are completely silent as this government is banning every event that is being organizing to honor the men who sacrificed their lives to give every citizen of Sri Lanka peace and the very President who took upon his shoulder the responsibility to answer the diplomatic community is even denied invitation to functions! We are such an ungrateful and shameful nation.

When we are well aware of the TNA’s links to the LTTE that very party is today the Opposition & its head the Opposition Leader, how many of the government supporters have even raised objection to this or to the manner that these TNA leaders are demanding removal of Buddhist sites, getting their secretaries to bulldoze sacred areas to eliminate evidence of Buddhist & Sinhala heritage in the North & East making it easier for them to claim only Tamils lived there. Why are people silent?

Why is no one asking whom the TNA is mourning – is it the Tamils killed by LTTE or the LTTE dead? Why erect a monument for LTTE leader if it is for Tamils killed and how many know the number of Tamils that the LTTE killed? Let us reiterate that everyone has a right to mourn the dead but we are not daft when that mourning is with red & yellow flags of LTTE, with Eelam map, with pictures of LTTE leader and cadres to realize the mourning is not for civilian dead but the LTTE, so these yahapalana politicians and their supporters are day dreaming if they try to present the approval of mourning as a part of reconciliation when the paraphernalia surrounding that mourning has nothing to do with mourning of civilians but everything to do with the mourning of LTTE cadres.

We will not be surprised if the President, the PM & the entire yahapalana government attends to light a candle at the Jaffna University premises … it has reached such lunacy.

We must reiterate again LTTE had its own civilian armed force, trained to kill. How many of these trained & armed ‘civilians’ died in battle. They do not qualify as a civilian if they died engaged in hostilities.

How many LTTE cadres fought wearing civilian clothing & died – they too don’t qualify as a civilian according to international law books. Let’s also not forget that the 12,000 LTTE cadres that surrendered were all in civilian clothing. Can the UN or all those pundits claiming that the Armed Forces committed war crimes give a break-down of how many LTTE cadres were killed, how many LTTE in uniform, how many LTTE in civilian clothing, how many civilians who were part of LTTE civilian force got killed, how many civilians died from LTTE firing, how many civilians died of fatigue & age related illnesses? No one to this day and its been 9 years since end of LTTE has given a breakdown of the people killed though they continue to pluck numbers from the sky and claim every killing was done by the Armed Forces. This is ridiculous & should not be entertained.

If a government is allowing the mourning of LTTE cadres then such a government does not deserve the respect of the citizens & certainly showcases they are unsuited to lead a nation – what kind of government supports terrorists?

By Shenali Waduge 


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