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Is this a process for reconciliation or a process for betraying our armed forces?

Courtesy of Asian Tribune 

By S. Akurugoda

As per a Information Note Circulated by Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu, Prime Minister has appointed a Secretariat to seek the views of the public on so-called process and mechanisms for reconciliation in Sri Lanka and seek suggestions for ‘their’ design of;

  1. Office of Missing Persons
  2. Truth, Justice, Reconciliation and Non-Recirrence Commission
  3. Judicial Mechanism
  4. Office of Reparations
  5. Any other mechanisms

The 11 member Consultation Task Force (CTF) with Paikisothy Saravanamuttu as its Secretary is expected to conclude its sittings within a month commencing from July 2016.

The creation of the above 4 mechanisms has already been agreed by the current Ranil-Sirisena regime during the last September 2015 UNHRC session in Geneva. A bill for the establishment of the item 1 (above), Office of Missing Persons is to be presented to the Parliament very soon.

Thus seeking suggestions at this stage on the establishment of the above mechanism is nothing but merely eyewash to mislead the general public. Considering the short notice of 5 working days given to submit views and the backgrounds of the NGO kingpins involved in the so-called Task Force are a confirmation of this deceitfulness.

Paikisothy Saravanamuttu, the Executive Director of the Centre for Policy Alternatives, since its inception, is well known for his activities to legitimise the LTTE and its terrorism prior to 2009 and since then justifying war crime charges against our security forces.

CPA and similar ilk were in the driver’s seat during the Chandrika-Ranil failed regimes attempting to brainwash the country from top political hierarchy to grass roots level, spending billions of rupees.

Anyone going through the media releases and the writings of the CPA (apart from their other activities), will see the extent of damage done to the sovereignty of our nation as it promoted the LTTE as an integral part of their so-called solutions.

Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu , in his media releases and writings always preached LTTE racism as nationalism and attempted to justify its terrorism and while calling for “internal self-determination ” and “federal” form of government assuring access to resources and financial autonomy for any structure agreed upon for the north and east. “The political structure that can accommodate the above as the aspirations of the people of our island, will have to be federal. Whether we call it federal or not and there still is stiff resistance to doing so, the state of the future will have to be federal in nature, if the country is to be united and at peace”. www.tamilcanadian.com

While attempting to cover-up the LTTE terror campaign, Paikiasothy on many occasions called foreign countries , including India, to pressurize the Rajapaksa government, but not the LTTE. “What New Delhi could do is increase international pressure (on the Rajapakse government) and can try to cut off existing non-lethal military assistance to seek a political settlement,’’ he once told IPS.

As reported in Tamilnet on 24 May 2007, he characterized Sri Lanka as “the worst place in the world for civilians and stressed the need to negotiate with the LTTE, and the merger of the North-East,” in Washington while sighting ‘a Role for the United States Government’ .

CPA conducted seminars, lectures, workshops under the pretext of ‘Peace’ throughout the LTTE terror period to convince (unsuccessfully) the people that the LTTE is undefeatable and even make use of those activities to frighten them by suggesting the possibilities of R2P (Responsibility to Protect) situation, misinterpreting what was going on in the country at that time. Responsibility to protect by Paikiasothy Sarawanamuttu of CPA is a case in point. ( www.themorningleader.lk)

On 28th August 2009, soon after the elimination of 3 decades long LTTE terror from our soil by our brave security forces and the political leadership, the two kingpins of CPA and National Peace Council were reported addressing a close-door meeting convened by the US Institute of Peace (USIP). Another notable participant of this discussion was Teresita Schaffer of The Centre for Strategic and international Studies, one of the former US Ambassadors to Sri Lanka, who was very critical of the Sri Lankan government during her tenure of office in Sri Lanka. As per media reports, the duos from the two NGOs basically said at a meeting, in Washington D.C. with former Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Mr. Robert Blake, was what Blake wanted them to say. After few months of these meetings, Ban Ki-moon appointed a panel to advise him (i.e the UNSG) on Sri Lanka’s alleged war crime charges which led to the current status of UNHRC resolution leading to the formation of above mechanisms.

Thus it is not surprising to see that the same NGO kingpins who supported LTTE and campaigned for LTTE as an integral part of a solution and paved the way to initiate a process for betraying the country’s security forces and the political leadership, have now been assigned the task of implementing the same process with the full blessings of the Ranil-Sirisena puppet regime backed by anti-Rajapaksha but pro-Prabhakaran elements.

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