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J. J Ratnasiri – Outstanding public servant in front of so called PSC

Frank De Silva – Narahenpita

(Courtesy of  The Island)

This note is in reference to the evidence given by Mr. J J Ratnasiri, Secretary, Public Administration (S/PA), before the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC), a few days ago.


Mr. J J Ratnasiri stood out there in a class by himself in the PSC proceedings. Ratnasiri’s clear answers to the questions posed to him by the PSC were in sharp contrast to the dilatory questions by the PSC. Ratnasiri’s intelligence, his clarity of expression in his answers, and the clinically correct demeanour displayed by him at the interview in that room were of a high order. These qualities of Ratnasiri stood out, possibly against the lesser background of the parallel traits displayed by the PSC.


The PSC were even in want of suitable articulation due perhaps to convoluted ideas, when framing dilatory questions perhaps due to the same reason; all possibly due to the confused clarity of their purpose. S/PA, by contrast, was clearly untrammelled by such vagaries. This difference noted may perhaps be due to the possible difference in agenda between the PSC and S/PA.


Whatever the difference, whatever the reasons, S/PA stood out in exemplary manner in the public service as against the PSC. If serving the people was the intent, S/PA did so better than the others in the room.

Note by Sinhalanet:

All most all the members of the PSC are connected to some or other allegations such as Sumanthiran had been branded as a Pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist politician working against Sri Lanka with so called International community and Tamil terrorists diaspora to promote separatism in Sri Lanka, Rauf Hakeen is infamous for rackets in Law colleges, habour, and ministry of higher education in favour of Muslims and he recently resigned from his minister post to show his solidarity with Muslim extremist terrorist supports, Ravi Karunanayakem is responsible for central bank bond scam and number of other corruption and underworld incidents, Rajitha Senarathna has been widely labeled as  anti-Sinhala Buddhist pro-federal politician in favour of Muslims for his personal political gains, Jayampathi Wickramanayake is a pro-minority politician who tirelessly campaigning to form a Federal state in Sri Lanka to create Tamil eelam. Sarath Fonseka who led the war against Tamil terrorist betrayed the Sri Lankan forces with bogus white-flag incident.   

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