JVP Agreeing to Racist Tamil Demands

The Jathika Jana Balavegaya (JJB), led by the JVP says that they are in agreement with the pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists’ political party TNA’s  demands that  all balance land acquired by Sri Lankan military for the strategic national security purpose are to be returned to the civilians immediately. This is a dangerous stance taken by the pro-federalist Marxist political party JVP exposing the national security of the country.

Five racist Tamil political parties last week signed a memorandum highlighting the key demands of the Tamils in the North and the East. The political sources reported that both JVP and UNP are in favour of the most of the demands put forward by the extremist Tamil politicians.

The memorandum had been prepared by racist Tamil university students of the Jaffna and Eastern Universities collaboration with the pro-JVP students after talks with the Tamil political parties. The racist demands are to be presented to the presidential candidates.

The JVP, who are covertly affiliated with ruling UNP government, is also in agreement to repeal of the Prevention of Terrorism Act, PTA to facilitate to get released the LTTE Tamil terrorists who serving prison terms in order to gain cheap political advantage of Tamil votes at the presidential election at the expenses of the national security.

The racist Tamil demands are as follows:

  1. New constitutional processes that uphold unitary system of rule should be rejected. The Tamil national question of Ilangkai [Ceylon] must be resolved through a federal framework with the realisation that Tamils constitute a nation with distinct sovereignty and that nation is entitled to the Right of Self-Determination under the International Law,
  2. Comprehensive and independent investigations must be carried out through the International Criminal Court/ Criminal Tribunal on the allegations of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide committed during the final war,
  3. The Prevention of Terrorism Act must be repealed,
  4. Unconditional release of all Tamil Political Prisoners,
  5. Justice must be accorded through international mechanisms to those who have suffered by the enforced disappearances,
  6. The state forces stationed in the Northern and Eastern provinces must be evicted from the private and crown lands which were utilised by the Tamil people before the war; those areas must be released; and the resettlement process should be accelerated,
  7. The ongoing state-sponsored Sinhalicisation, Buddhicisation and Sinhala colonisation in the Northern and Eastern provinces must be stopped forthwith,
  8. The jurisdiction of Mahaweli Authority, which is functioning as an authority to create Sinhala only colonies in the Northern province under cover of diverting the Mahaweli river towards the North, must be abdicated. Furthermore, all Sinhala colonisation schemes being taken forward in the Eastern Province under the so-called Mahaweli Development Programme must be terminated,
  9. All the recently introduced Sinhala colonisation schemes under the Moragaskanda Irrigation Programme in Vanni must be stopped forthwith,
  10. Encroachment of lands and places of worships through government departments including the Archaeology, Forest and Wildlife conservation departments must be immediately stopped. The lands, which were appropriated through Gazette notifications by the above-mentioned departments, must be de-gazetted,
  11. The legal impediments faced by the Ceylonese living abroad in making direct investments and obtaining lands to develop the war-affected Northern and Eastern provinces and to provide job opportunities to the youth, must be removed,
  12. Preference must be accorded to those who hail from the Northern and Eastern provinces in the public and the private sector employment in the North-East,
  13. Declare North-East as War-Ravaged Region and create a Joint Mechanism, which should handle the development assistance and place it under the guidance and disposal of the elected representatives of the people in the North-East.




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