1458663_1432303080318644_1545628857_nA Katina Pinkama was held in the Jaffna peninsula by the Sinhala Buddhists after thirty years at the newly established Navatkkuli Buddhist Temple on 6th November 2013. The temple is situated within the Sinhala settlement consists of the Sinhala people displaced after 1983 program against the Sinhalese in Jaffna.

The temple was established by the Sinhala Ravaya Organization in the year 2010 after the conclusion of the LTTE Tamil terrorism for the monolithic separate state called eelam in the northern province of the Island. The temple is surrounding Sinhala settlement consists of around 70 Sinhala families mostly living under temporarily erected houses without electricity, proper water supply and sanitization. All of them returned in October 2010 after living in refugee camps in Mihinthale since 1983. Initially they resided at the unused Jaffna Railway station before settling at the current location at Navatkkuli, Kaithadi, off Chavakachcheri.

The decision to hold a Katina Pinkama was taken by the chief thero, Ven. Rathanasiri thero at the Navatkkuli temple. Jaffna has no Sinhala Buddhist theros; therefore theros had to be invited for the Pinkama from known temples in Kandy and Colombo.

It is a fundamental truth for all religions that if religious rituals consist of worshipping and other forms are not held regularly, then the overall power of that religion diminishes while the regional power of that religion diminishes considerably. That is what may have happened to the Sinhala Buddhism in the northern area in this country during the past thirty years.

Katina Pinkama believed to be the highest Pinkama out of Dasa Pinkamas in Buddhism. Therefore, holding a Katina Pinkama in an area after thirty years can be considered a huge Pinkama for all the Sinhala Buddhists that took part in it and especially for the Sinhala settlers at Navatkkuli settlement. Also a huge Pinkama for those who donated money while far away because according to the thero, the chances of holding the Katina Pinkama so successfully were in doubt at one stage due to the lack of finances especially for the transportation. Donations amount to well over Rs 100,000/= were received from diaspora within a short period.



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