LTTE Tamil Terrorists Attacks on Civilians

The below list is just a handful of examples of killings committed upon innocent civilians by the LTTE. In 3 decades close to 300 attacks took place and the only response Sri Lanka received from the International Community was a sympathy statement and the insistence on returning to talking with the LTTE. This was so because those funding the LTTE were living on foreign shores, holding foreign passports and having close links to foreign politicians and associated with foreign organizations by virtue of registering themselves as international charities and human rights advocates while back in Sri Lanka orders were given to blow people up, assassinate leaders and cause mayhem. Every day was a war scenario in Sri Lanka for 30 years and only after May 2009 the people are living without fear.







29/11/1984 DOLLAR FARM Vavuniya 27 84 LTTE attack a Sinhalese village brutally slaughtering the villages leaving not a single alive.
30/11/1984 KENT FARM Vavuniya 173 20 LTTE attack a Sinhalese village brutally slaughtering the villages leaving not a single alive.
14/5/1985 SRI MAHA BODHIYA., ANURADHAPURA Anuradhapura 26 27 LTTE armed terrorists storm the most sacred Buddhist town firing upon worshipping Buddhists in prayer
22/7/1986 MAMADUWA Vavuniya 130 71 Terrorists explode a landmine on a travelling civilian bus
17/4/1987 HABARANA & KITHULUTHUWA Trincomalee 96 14 96 civilians and 31 security forces personnel going on leave killed when LTTE explodes civilian bus.
21/4/1987 CENTRAL  BUS STAND, PETTAH Colombo 91 1400 A large group of people were killed in a bomb explosion in front of the  Cental bus terminal in Colombo.
2/6/1987 ARANTHALAWA Ampara 35 0 31 Buddhist student priests and 4 civilians killed after forcing them to get down from the bus they were travelling in.
6/10/1987 SAGARAPURA Trincomalee 27 6 Sinhalese village attacked – over 57 houses set on fire and villagers slaughtered
6/10/1987 TALAWAI Batticoloa 25 0 LTTE terrorists attack a Sinhala settlement in East Sri Lanka
6/10/1987 VALACHCHENAI Batticoloa 40 12 LTTE terrorists attack a mail train killing passengers
7/10/1987 LAHUGALA – POTTUVIL Ampara 30 0 LTTE attack a passenger bus travelling from Monaragala to Pottuvil killing passengers on board
19/10/1987 Kalkudah Batticoloa 40 24 LTTE exploded a landmine.
31/12/1987 BATTICALOA Batticoloa 40 0 LTTE have set fire to BATTICALOA mail train.
10/10/1988 MAHAKONGASKADA-MADAVACHCHIYA Vavuniya 44 4 LTTE attack a Sinhalese village
14/11/1988 PENIKETIYAWA Trincomalee 28 2 A passenger bus targeted by LTTE
13/4/1989 CENTRE ROAD – TCO Trincomalee 51 43 LTTE explodes bomb inside a passenger bus
3/8/1990 KATHANKUDY Batticoloa 147 70 LTTE enter a mosque and open fire upon Muslims in prayer including scores of children as young as 7 years.
6/8/1990 AMPARA AREA Ampara 34 0 LTTE start firing on farmers working on paddy fields
7/8/1990 BANDARADUWA Ampara 30 4 Another village became victim of LTTE slaughter
8/8/1990 MEEGASWEWA Trincomalee 26 7 A private coach carrying civilians attacked by LTTE
11/8/1990 ERAVUR Batticoloa 173 20 LTTE launch attacks on numerous Muslim settlements in order to scare them to leave


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