LTTE Tamil Terrorists’ Arms Recovered from Mannarama

Several explosives have been uncovered from inside the well of a house located in Murunkan area, Mannar. Murunkan Police had received information from the house owner, who had noticed the explosives while cleaning the well.

The explosives had been taken out by the Bomb Disposal Unit of Special Task Force (STF) in accordance with the orders of the Magistrate’s Court.

Accordingly, one RPG bomb, two SGF 81 bombs, five K400 bombs, three TYTE bombs, fifteen 81mm mortar bombs, twenty-seven 60mm bombs, ten 40mm MGL ammunition and eight 81mm fuze ammunition had been uncovered from the well.

The discovered bombs and live ammunition are to be defused under the orders of the Mannar Magistrate’s Court.

LTTE Tamil Terrorists have stored and hide large quantities of arms and explosive all over the places in North and East two provinces and security forces recovering them in very frequent manner.

However, Pro-Tamil and Federal Yahapalana Government have not arrested the Tamil culprits and charged for such crimes but numbers of Sinhalese had been charged under PTA and other provisions in the law which cannot be granted the bail.

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