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LTTE Vigneswaran wants forces removed from North and East

LTTE diaspora backed racists Chief Minister of Northern Province of Sri Lanka, Vigneswaran is suggesting that Sri Lankan security forces be divided into nine equal parts and distributed over the nine provinces in the Island in order to reduce the density of the security forces members in the terrorized and separatism promoted North and East two provinces.

The entire Northern Province is spread with the Ex-LTTE terrorism through Ava group and pro-LTTE undergraduates in the University of Jaffna. In many instances Ava group blessed by extremists Tamil politicians attacked security forces and killed one police officer who provided the guard to a High Court judge.

University of Jaffna is notoriously infamous for its pro-LTTE terrorism since the war commenced in Sri Lanka. Most of the student leaders are separatists with LTTE terrorism ideology. In addition to the separatism these pro-LTTE students blessed by Vingeshwaran are propagate racism within the Universities of Sri Lanka. They attacked Sinhala students and disrupted and destroyed Buddha statue erected by Sinhala Buddhists undergraduates in University of Jaffna.

Considering prevailing situation and to safe guard the national security, the strength of the security forces shall be strengthen more in both provinces in particular in the Northern Province.

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