Malai Nadu State – the new threat to Sri Lank’s Unitary Status


The Tamil slavish government which has completely abandoned all its promises to the people is committed and determined to fulfil the diktats of the TNA, the Tamil diaspora, the pro-Tamil western powers and the pro-Tamil anti Sri Lankan NGO vultures, and is hell bent on adopting a federal structured new constitution, repealing of the Prevention of Terrorism Act, demilitarizatiom of the North and East, imposing punishment for our gallant war heroes in vengeance for vanquision terrorism from the soil of this country, granting land and Police powers to the provinces, and fulling the terms and conditions imposed in the abhorrent UNHRC resolution No, 30 of 2017 which was co-sponsored by our western servile idiotic Foreign Minister.

TNA’s Sambandan-Sumanthiran duo has urged the government to prioritize the adoption of the new constitution and have expressed the belief that the referendum related to the constitution can be won with the bloc votes of the minorities supported by the UNP votes. The duo has also stated that even if the referendum becomes unsuccessful they do not have to worry because they can cite the minority block vote as a mandate given in favour of their demands and in that scenario they will use it as what was successfully done by Amirthalingam to make use of the 1977 General Election results in the North and East as a mandate given to them for establishing a separate State in the North and East and thus they could make the International community to accept this new development. Therefore it is imperative that all patriotic people in Sri Lanka to join together devoid of party politics, ethnicity, and religious differences to defeat this latest move by the Tamil separatists and in this connection, house to house joint campaigns to enlighten the people the importance of voting against the constitution should be carried out.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka has a potential major threat from the Indian origin Tamil community for its very existence as a unitary State. This threat is bound to aggravate if the Sinhala community does not take far sighted precautionary action from now onwards. The self appointed leader of the Indian Origin Tamil community (the IOTs) Mano Ganeshan who was an ardent follower and supporter of the megalomaniac Prabhakaran has already stated that they are entitled for 14 Parliamntary seats in the country and he gradually makes demands to promote their cause and his demand for making both Sinhala and Tamil as the official languages of the country should be considered as the first step in the direction of creating a “Malai Nadu” in the country.

Former Prime Minister Madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike who was a great patriot and a visionary foresaw the potential danger to Sri Lanka from the Indian slavish IOTs and entered into an agreement with the then Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri of India to deport the IOTs to their country of origin, India. Accordingly, 625,000 hill country Tamils who now call themselves as IOTs were to be deported to their country of origin India under thr Sirima Shastri Pact and registration of these IOTs to be repatriated was underway when the Adarmishta government of J.RJayadhana came into power in 1977. For political expediency the short-sighted Jara Wardhana conceding to the request of Thondaman suspended the repatriation of IOTs while some of their first generation slaves brought to Sri Lanka by the British Imperialists were still living in the country were granted Sri Lankan citizenships to them. It should be remembered that these slaves were brought to Sri Lanka merely to punish the Sinhala people who fervently refused to carry out slavish work for the British Imperialists and they remained as a migrant community to and from India and not as a permanently settled community without any attachments to Sri Lanka.

Accordingly they have now become majority in the Nuwara Eliya and Badulla districts and in some electorates in the Kandy, Matale, and Moneragala districts. They have also become predominant in certain electorates in the Colombo district as well. It is certain that in the next general electon many of the IOT candidates will get elected from these districts and electorates defeating the Sinhala candidates regardless of the party they contest from. It is because the IOTs will cast their votes only for the IOT candidates.

This is a very perilous situation and with the UNP supporting them Mano Ganeshan’s dream of getting 14 IOTs elected to Parliament can certainly be achieved in the next Parliamentary election. This potential should be thwarted by launching an immediate resolute plan to make them minorities in the threatened electorates. In this connection Sinhala people in large numbers should be settled in these threatened electorates to negate the IOT majority and it should be carried out without any further delay as the purpose of the programme will become meaningless if the new settlers could not be included in the voters’ list applicable for the next general election .

If this was not done, after getting 14 members elected as they visualize, another ethnic struggle for creating a “Malai Nadu” State in addition to the struggle for a separate State of North and East will emerge and the Sinhala population in the threatened areas will be expelled from these areas as it was done by megalomaniac Prabhakaran in the Norrh and East. Unlike North and East the IOTs in this envisioned Malai Nadu State will be totally slavish to India and will pose a great threat to Sri Lanka. The situation will create the Sinhala people only to lament saying how can we stretch our hands and legs and live peacefully when Tamils are dominant in the North and East and in the Hill country and we only have to jump into the sea and perish?

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