Minister is right- professors are wrong

unnamedJustice Minister Wijedasa Rajapakshe is right when he says that no Christian Churches had been attacked by Buddhists. Cardinal Malcolm Ranjit confirmed that no Catholic Churches had been thus attacked. However, Professor A N I Ekanayake of Peradeniya University and Retired Professor Laksiri Fernando, Colombo University, bashed the Justice Minister in a most unethical manner.

Both these learned Professors is to read eminent sociologist Professor Dr. Sasanka Perera’s perceptive monograph ” New Evangelical Movement and Conflicts in South Asia, Sri Lanka and Nepal” [Regional Centre for Strategic Studies]. All will realize the aggressive and unethical strategies employed by these cults. Professor Buddhadasa Hewavitarne has also written a good account in his paper “Why and Wherefore of Pre-Planned Conversions to Christianity by Developed Countries and Why and Wherefore Sri Lanka is a good hunting ground to them for economic and social reasons.

In the last few decades Evangelical and Fundamentalist groups have surreptitiously established “home churches” and “prayer centres’ in 100% Buddhist colonization schemes and peasant settlements which never had a single Christian. These “centres” have promoted dissension In Buddhist families by tempting material inducements [material goods, scholarships abroad], shameless “honey-traps”, denunciation of traditional ceremonies [Aluth Avurudu, peraheras] lavishly equipped pre-schools to win over infants, distribution of Evangelical tracts at Buddhist festivals [it was tried at Mihintale during Poson a few years ago] and many such “carrots” to poor Buddhist peasants.

Another technique is to creep into the country as “Companies” qualifying for licences under the helpless Registrar of Companies to do various “good social work and poverty alleviation”.

A few attempts to gain legal recognition for these dubious anti-Buddhist activities, by slopping them into Parliament’s Order Papers were foiled in the Supreme Court thanks to our alert members.

Minister Rajapakshe stressed that no churches were ever attacked by Buddhists who, however, may have vigorously voiced their indignation at these illicit sites masquerading as “churches”

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