Nalaka Godahewa confronts Global Tamil Forum in Geneva


Tensions flared during an event organized by the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) on the sidelined of the 37th session of the UN Human Rights Council as members of the ‘Patriotic Professionals Forum’ including Dr Nalaka Godahewa raised objections to the views being expressed on Sri Lanka.

GTF members were speaking regarding “Attack on Tamil-speaking Muslims in Sri Lanka,” when Dr Godahewa interrupted and reminded of the time when the LTTE instructed the Muslims living in the Jaffna Peninsula to leave within 48 hours and also the massacre of 147 Muslims inside a mosque in Kattankudy.

“That is how the LTTE treated Muslims. We never talk against Tamils. Tamils are our brothers. Those who were born in the country, that is their country. There is no discrimination. We accept that right. But we don’t accept terrorism. We don’t accept people who supported terrorism,” he said.

Both sides continued to exchange verbal blows as the situation heated up and nearly ended in a brawl, until members of the Global Tamil Forum walked out.

The final report of Sri Lanka’s review under the 3rd cycle of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) was adopted at the 37th Session of the Human Rights Council on Monday (19).

BY yusuf-ariff

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