Dr Upul Wijewardane
(Courtesy of  The Island)

Yahapalana government’s decision to sing a Tamil version of the National Anthem , as well, during Independence Celebrations was the next controversy. This, apparently, was an attempt at ‘reconciliation’. Did this controversial decision bring about the desired effect? That is the question most commentators have failed to address.

At the end of Yahapalanaya, is there any evidence of better reconciliation? All races and religions have lived peacefully in Sri Lanka for ages and if not for the racist politicians, who want divisions for survival, hardly any problems would arise.

The pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist racist political party TNA, having subjugated themselves to the Tamil terrorism when they were powerful, propped up Yahapalanaya while trying to undermine the good name of the country, internationally, at every possible opportunity.

The Tamil leader was rewarded with a luxurious residence with servants and cars for life! Wigneswaran, who lived in Colombo and attained highest levels in the judiciary, started his vituperative anti-Sinhala campaign under Yahapalanaya. Considering these facts, it is not surprising that the Gotabhaya Rajapaksa administration is considering reverting to the previous status-quo.

There was a recent suggestion from someone, with a Muslim sounding name, that we should have English and Arabic versions too! Arabic, because Islamic scriptures are in Arabic, I presume. In that case, Buddhists can demand a Pali version! We have two national languages and we have our National Anthem in Sinhala with a Tamil translation. That should be more than enough!

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