New Constitution a front to pass budget Viyathmaga


The Government is suffering from a shortage of a majority in Parliament to get their proposed budget approved so they are trying to hunt Parliamentarians by proposing a national Government, claimed President’s Counsel Dr. W.D. Rodrigo.

Addressing the media at the ‘Viyathmaga’ head office yesterday (5), Dr. Rodrigo claimed that there was no need to present a new Constitution and neither was there a need for a new Constitutional Amendment as what the public required now was economic development.

Attorney-at-Law Raja Gunaratne explained that the 13th and 19th Amendments to the Constitution are critical points. “Among the 19 Amendments to the Constitution, 18 were brought by the United National Party (UNP) and the actual fact is that those were brought to benefit themselves and not the public. The UNP will definitely end up with a new Constitution or new Constitutional Amendment.
But everyone should understand that a Government that has been defeated cannot bring in a new proposal about a Constitution or a Constitutional Amendment. The incumbent Government was rejected at the Local Government Elections,” he further claimed.

Gunaratne also claimed that the Tamil National Alliance, pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist political party is trying to support the UNP proposed Constitution or Constitutional Amendment because they are well aware that only the UNP will fulfil their undue whims and fancies and not any other Government.

Lawyer Lalith U. Gamage said that no one can form a national Government as and when they wished.

“There must be some critical problem which an individual Government can’t solve alone. But this Government is trying to increase the Ministerial posts to please the backbenchers.

According to Article 46(5) of the Constitution, a national Government means a Government formed by the recognised political party or the independent group which obtains the highest number of seats in Parliament together with the other recognised political parties or independent groups.

So this Government is trying to form a national Government with a single MP, which cannot be considered as a group. So the formation of a national Government is illegal.

According to Article 43(1), the President shall, in consultation with the Prime Minister, where he considers such consultation is necessary, determine the number of Ministers for the Cabinet and the Ministries and the assignment of subjects and functions to such Ministers.

However, if the President opposes a national Government or an increase of the Ministerial posts, the UNP will never get a chance to increase their Ministerial posts.”

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