• Foreign Minister; Ravindran Karunayakam

    Foreign Minister; Ravindran Karunayakam

    Sri Lanka replaced the country’s pro-federalist foreign minister who spearheaded a campaign to prosecute national war heroes and Nationalist in the country  with a Tamil, pro-minority Ravindran Karunayakam who has been alleged with mage corruption in Central Bank of Sri..

  • Vijayagrahanaya Celebration

    Vijayagrahanaya Celebration

    The ceremony to commemorate thousands of service personnel who laid down their lives to save the motherland from the LTTE Tamil terrorism was held in Colombo and worldwide under the patronage of Global Sri Lankan Forum. Family members of the..

  • Yahapalanaya  blocked Vijayagrahanaya

    Yahapalanaya blocked Vijayagrahanaya

    So called  Yahapalana government  blocked the ranviru Vijayagrahanaya  celebrations  planned for tomorrow  20th May by withdrawing  the permission given for Independent  Square  ground in Colombo , Sri Lanka. The event organized  by Global  Sri Lankan  Forum, GSLF  with Federation  of National  Organisations and..

  • Victory  to Celebrate

    Victory to Celebrate

    I celebrate the Victory we achieved on May 18, as a country. Knowing my child will not be blown up with a bomb is victory. Knowing children of North will not be conscripted as cannon fodder is also victory. Being..

  • ETCA will destroy Sri Lanka’s IT sector

    ETCA will destroy Sri Lanka’s IT sector

    (Courtesy of Ceylon Today) The proposed Economic and Technology Corporation Agreement (ETCA) with India has caused many a controversy, and in this interview with Ceylon Today Secretary of the Society of Information Technology Professionals, Lasantha Wickramasinghe, explains how ETCA will affect the..

  • The Crisis facing the Buddhist World

    The Crisis facing the Buddhist World

    by Senaka Weeraratna, Courtesy of The Buddhist Channel, The Buddhist World lacks an effective mechanism to help save a Buddhist Nation in Danger Colombo, Sri Lanka – The crisis facing the Buddhist world is neither a decline in religious..

  • TNA to Use ex-LTTE Tamil terrorists

    TNA to Use ex-LTTE Tamil terrorists

    The major party of the pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists political alliance Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi or ITAK has decided to enroll ex-LTTE Tamil terrorists in party propaganda works to gain cheap political advantages to reach its separatism agenda through the Yahapalanaya..

  • Yaha-Palanaya to Sale Sri Lanka to India

    Yaha-Palanaya to Sale Sri Lanka to India

    Pro-Tamil  and anti-Sinhala Prime Minister Ranil Wickremsinghe arrived in New Delhi on Tuesday for official meetings expected to finalise an MoU on developing energy and infrastructure projects in Trincomalee, as well as fast-tracking negotiations for the upgraded Free Trade Agreement —the..