No Buddha Statue Allowed in University of Jaffna

The university Authorities of Jaffna, dominated by extremists and racially motivated Tamils has not authorized to place a Lord Buddha Statues in the Vavniyawa campus.

A group of Sinhala Buddhist students who are studying in the Vavniyawa campus has arranged to place a Budhha statue at the accommodation premises of the students to mark the Vesak festival. However, University of Jaffna administrators had not allowed to it.

Following, refusal of the authorities, Sinhala Buddhist students has made arrangement to place the Lord Buddha statue at their accommodations. Then Tamil security officers and administration staffs had removed the Buddha statue by force and damaging to the statue of the Lord Buddha and injuring numbers of Sinhala Students.

Students reported that there are sufficient facilities for other religions to pay their offerings within the University premises but for Sinhala Buddhists. It is a fact that in all other Universities in south of the country had been provided with facilities for all religions for all students. It is shame that Sri Lanka being a Sinhala Buddhist country where 78% of the population is Buddhists that no facilities had been granted for Buddhists in the University of Jaffna. The Yahapalana government lead by pro-minority Ranil and Sirisena are promoting so called one sided “Sanhidiyawa” or “reconciliation” for the minority at the expenses of Sinhala Buddhists.

While, authorities of the University of Jaffna not allowing to place for a Lord Buddha Statue in the University premises it has given the permission to held remembrance ceremony of LTTE Tamil terrorists on 18th May 2018 in the University. The extremist pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist’ Jaffna University Student Union (JUSU) has issued a letter signed by its president and secretary to mark May 18 as remembrance ceremony of LTTE Tamil terrorists killed in the terrorist war with Sri Lankan forces.
The letter issued by the Pro-LTTE terrorists Jaffna University Student Union is as follows;


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