NPC Blocks Building Buddhist Temple in North

The Northern Province Governor Reginald Cooray has denied allegations that he was planning to construct two Buddhist temples in one-time LTTE stronghold Kilinochchi soon after the dissolution of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) run Northern Provincial Council later this year.

Cooray, a former MP said so in response to pro-LTTE racist Northern Chief Minister  Wigneswaran’s recent declaration in Jaffna  that the Governor’s Office was making arrangements to build two temples.

Cooray has challenged  extremist Wigneswaran to reveal the locations where the alleged constructions were to take place.

Cooray recently clashed with LTTE backed Wigneswaran over the appointment of a provincial minister in addition to the stipulated number. Cooray has asked Wigneswaran to appoint a new board of ministers.

Cooray recalled the circumstances under which Wigneswaran in August 2016 alleged that rehabilitated LTTE cadres were injected with chemicals by the military. Subsequently, such unsubstantiated allegations were proved baseless.

The Northern Provincial Council in August 2916 unanimously passed a resolution demanding an international inquiry into what Wigneswaran called deaths of ex-LTTE cadres during and after post-war rehabilitation. The resolution adopted at Kaithady, Jaffna, was primarily based on a statement given by an ex-LTTE cadre at a meeting of government appointed reconciliation committee at Oddusudan.

The NPC was told that over 100 ex-LTTE cadres had died during and after rehabilitation due to poisoning.

Tamil racist NPC has blocked number of Buddhist temple construction in the northern province and one time ordered North is out of bounce for Sinhalese. Recently, Tamil thugs burned and damages the fisheries equipment and  boats belong to Sinhalese in Mulative.

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