Number game in Sri Lanka is Wrong – Lord Naseby

Click below link to listen to the interview given by Lord Naseby;

It is very important that for the first time since 2009, the truth about what happened is coming from the British House of Lords.

The current political establishment in Sri Lanka has been very silent on Lord Naseby’s evidential evaluation, disputing the high unsubstantiated casualty figures in the final days of the war in May 2009 publicised by the UN HR Agency, perhaps fearing that giving it publicity in Sri Lanka would increase the growing political resurgence of Mahinda Rajapakse, the president who went for a clean sweep of removing the Tamil Tigers after over 30 years of a violent and debilitating terrorist campaign by the Tamil Tigers and it would disrupt the Yahapalana government’s agenda of “Separatist Federal Constitution” which ultimately pave the path for the Tamil eelam similar to what happened in Kosovo, Sudan and as it is happening in Spain..

Seeking a third term of presidency in 2015, Rajapakse was removed from power by a cleverly construed pre-election conspiracy secretly put together by his political opponents with the help of , Indian, and western powers disgruntled by Rajapakse’s refusal to agree to the capture of the Tiger leaders instead of eliminating them in the final war.

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