OMP Chairman Biased to Tamil

Chairman of so called Office on Missing Persons (OMP); established by pro-western and pro-minority Yahapalana government lead by Federalist Ranil and Sirisena ; Saliya Peiris has assured protesting family members of LTTE Tamil terrorists at Mulathiv that the OMP can release the full name list of the disappeared LTTE Tamil terrorists and Tamils during the final stages of the war or those who surrendered to the Security Forces, if a written request is made by the family members or relatives or friends of those missing Tamil terrorists.

The seven Commissioners of the so called OMP; most of them are anti-Sri Lanka and pro-minority Tamil were in Mulathiv on 2nd June conducted a workshop for the families of the LTTE Tamil terrorists, NGO and separatists activists in order to share the OMPs organizational plan and strategies as to the administration mechanism of the OMP in order to facilitate Tamil to submit their cases to the OMP against the Sri Lankan security forces.

However, it was reported that when Sinhala people visited the OMP office in Colombo, the Muslim and Tamil officials working in the so called OMP has refused to corporate and to provide details and facilitate them unlike how they facilitate Tamils.

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