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One Sided Tamil’s Sanhidiyawa Opposed Cremation Ceremony of Naga Vihara Thero

Pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists  and extremist Tamil politicians who are crying for reconciliation and coexistence in North and East two provinces publicly opposed  and  staged a protest against the cremation ceremony of the   Ven.  Meegahandure Gnnanarathana thero, the chief prelate of Naga Vihara in Jaffna, who passed away on 19th December, to be held  at the municipality ground in Jaffna city.

This is another clear sign of Tamil extremism prevailing in Sri Lanka since 1983. The Tamil extremism later transformed to Tamil terrorism and which was lasted over 30 years. The Tamil terrorism was wiped out from Sri Lankan soil on 19th May 2009. However, Tamil racist extremism is still prevailing in the country in particular in North and East two provinces.

The funeral ceremony was held in grand manner despite of objections from racist and extremist Tamil Politicians who are partners of the Yahapalana government lead by pro-minority Ranil and Sirisena.  Both Ranil and Sirisena are aggressively promoting the so called reconciliation in other provinces of Sri Lanka except in North and Eastern two provinces.

The location selected for the cremation ceremony is under the administration of the Archaeology Department, accordingly, the governor of  North  Province Mr Reginald Cooray, has chosen to proceed with the funeral ceremony..

Casket of  Nayake Thero is being taken in procession from

Naga Vihara in Jaffna to Crenation Ground in Jaffna city.

Funeral  procession of the Nayake Thero

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