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Planning to Bringing Back Tamil Refugees before the Election by NGO

A foreign funded pro-minority international NGO functioning in Sri Lankan called, “International Organization of Migration”, IOM chief Sarat Dash for Sri Lanka and Maldives working behind with the Tamil politicians to bring back Tamil refugees to Sri Lanka before the next elections.
The discussion had mainly been focused on Sri Lankan Tamil refugees living in India. Attention was drawn to the measures that need to be taken to bring them back to Sri Lanka before the election. This move would be benefitted to the racist and extremist pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist political party TNA and individual like former Northern Province chief Minister Vingeshwaram who is notoriously popular for his anti-Sinhala Buddhists stance.

The pro-Tamil terrorists’ TNA party is working with UNP lead by Ranil Wickramasinghe and team to create a Federal state in Sri Lanka through a so called new constitution with the intention to form Tamil eelam in Sri Lanka in the future followed by the Federal state.

IOM chief had pledged that IOM is ready to spend rupees six million to bring back Tamils refugees living in India immediately. IOM wanted to expedite the process to match with elections session in Sri Lanka and to comply with their regional geopolitics agenda.

Almost all the international NGOs operating in Sri Lanka and other developing countries are working to promote geopolitics agenda of the West and US.


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