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Police Quick to Action on Death of Running Away Tamil Than in South

IGP Pujith Jayasundara had ordered a Special Investigation Unit (SIU) led by an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) to be sent to Jaffna from Police Headquarters, Colombo to investigate the shooting incident that took place in the Point Pedro area, where a person was shot dead while running  away despite of  stop order  by Police while  two others escaped.

IGP or government  never taken such efficient  and quick actions on similar incidents when happened in southern  side of the Island. Civil society alleged  this is  as one sided so called “Sahajeewanaya  and “Sanhidiyawa ”

A Tamil perosn had died when an illegal sand transporting vehicle was shot at by the Police in Point Pedro this evening, the police sources said. The Police said that the truck was signalled to stop at the Police Check Point in Point Pedro but had proceeded without following the Police orders.

The Police officers who were at the checkpoint had chased the tipper and had attempted to stop the vehicle by shooting at it.

Then one individual had died on the scene, while two others escaped.The Police said they were conducting a search operation in the area.

Politically motivated Tamils in the area provocated by pro-LTTE Tamil Terrorists political party TNA had  attacked to the police vehicles and police post in the area  and tried  to  escalate this shooting incident to next level. However, with the support of STF, Police  had been be able to  controll the situation and working to arrest Tamils thugs who damaged the Police post and Police vehicles.

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