Policemen assaulted by Tamils in Batticaloa

Two policemen who were assaulted by Tamil residents of Puttur yesterday while on duty were admitted to the Batticaloa hospital with injuries.

The incident occurred when the two traffic policemen were taking a motorcycle to the police station after arresting its rider did not possess a valid licence.

Two men who arrived on another motorcycle obstructed the two constables. Thereafter, Tamil residents in the nearby village arrived at the scene assaulted the two constables before grabbing the revolver from one of them.

It has now been a common pattern that most of the Tamils and Muslims are not following the common traffic law. When it was encountered by the police they attack the policemen in racial motivation.

This is the so called reconciliation promoted by Yahapalana government lead by Ranil Wickramasinghe with his anti-Sinhala Buddhists elements in the government.

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