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President Donald Trump – What is your stand on LTTE Terrorists & LTTE Terrorist Diaspora Fronts

The citizens of Sri Lanka welcome the statements by President-elect Donald Trump on the need to wipe out terrorists and not those fighting the terrorists. The assurance that President Trump would ban foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections is noteworthy as well as the decision to remove criminal illegal immigrants posing as bogus asylum seekers and the intense vetting of immigrants to the US to ensure no potential terrorists enter. We would like to bring to the attention of the Trump administration that the LTTE – Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam came into being far before the current jihadist terror groups, LTTE had its own navy, police, airforce and ran a defacto area by virtue of the illegal arms and support given by parties that supported terrorism from overseas. LTTE mastered and introduced the art of suicide terrorism. LTTE has even taken a contract killing on foreign soil – assassinating the former Indian Prime Minister using a female suicide bomber who came to garland late Rajiv Gandhi. The FBI said in 2008 that LTTE was “among the most dangerous and deadly extremists in the world,” FBI declared LTTE far more dangerous than the Al Qaeda. The Sri Lankan Government defeated the ground force of the LTTE in May 2009 but the LTTE fronts who had been providing material support and raised funding through charities that they were operating remain active in the US, Canada, UK, EU, Australia, South Africa, parts of Asia. Some of these groups have been banned incorporating UNSC Resolution 1373 and none of them have yet been investigated thoroughly by foreign governments. Given President Trumps clarity on terrorists, we would like to know the stand that the new administration will take regarding these LTTE fronts who are operating from overseas given that large numbers of LTTE combatants fled before and during the conflict to foreign countries assisted by NGOs and these entities could well pose a danger within these countries as well. All terrorists are not Islamic terrorists – US should seriously investigate the LTTE fronts too. Hillary Clinton called the LTTE ‘freedom fighters’.


Our appeal to President Donald Trump

  • Review US stand on Sri Lanka. As examples will show, while the FBI has been arresting LTTE operatives in the US and has been working closely with international law enforcement operatives, the foreign domiciled LTTE terrorist lobby has been using ‘Tamil’ votes and money to influence foreign MPs and bureaucrats into taking a pro-LTTE stand against the Sri Lankan Government. This has not only affected diplomatic relations but has unnecessarily caused tensions. ‘Tamils of Hillary Clinton’ lobbyand the many US congressman who had been tapped as well as the attempts to even bribe US officials to remove LTTE as a foreign terrorist organization goes to show the lengths these lobbies will go to while living in the US. It is time some action was taken against them given that President Trumps election pledge was to ban foreign parties lobbying US politicians. Such actions by LTTE diaspora groups are a threat to democracy in the US.
  • Review media, human rights reports, UN reports & UNHRC resolutions against Sri Lanka.From the manner the mainstream media has been exposed for their bias and lies during the US Presidential election, as well as the Soros-funded anti-Trump protests taking place throughout the US, will reveal the double standards and hypocrisies that prevail. Sri Lanka has been a victim of such media bias with reports, documentaries funded by the same sources that are protesting against Mr.Trump. The LTTE lobbies are even dictating how UNHRC resolutions are to  be drafted and they are the one’s supplying the ‘witnesses’ whom the UNHRC are using to implicate soldiers who defeated the terrorists as war criminals. LTTE cadres had been arrested with UNHCR passes and the former UNHRC head immediately after leaving office was a chief guest at an event organized by the LTTE fronts in Canada. These are all conflicts of interests. These influences are such that demands are being made to change Sri Lanka’s constitution, penal codes, state administration, national flag, national anthem, the country’s history – all of which are unfair demands made through LTTE separatist lobbies trying to carve a separate area out of an island nation that is only 65,610 km² as compared to US 9.834 million km²
  • We welcome President Trumps decision to severely vet all immigrants as the LTTE runs a human smuggling/boat people smuggling network and are accused of accepting money to send ‘economic migrants’ as asylum seekers. This is a racket taking place in Canada, UK, EU and Australia and should be investigated. Lot of money is involved and there are centres in the UK which charges to be physically abused so a medical officer can confirm the wounds were recent and claim they were committed by the Sri Lanka Army. These allegations should be investigated and action taken.
  • The bias of the UN & illegalities of UNHRC Resolutions was seen in the manner UNSG and UNHRC head were using their international status to influence the US election against Mr. Trump. UNHRC head is on record to say that Mr. Trump was ‘dangerous’ to the world www.lankaweb.com these are the personalities who have been meeting with LTTE lobbies and allowing terrorist fronts to influence global systems. LTTE support for Mrs. Clinton led to the US resolutions against Sri Lanka in the UNHRC. LTTE terrorist fronts who are banned cannot be allowed to influence war crimes tribunals against a national army that was only defending the country and its citizens. All the allegations of war crimes against the Sri Lankan Army are coming from LTTE fronts, LTTE supporters (local and international), foreign MPs linked to LTTE, UN officials linked to LTTE, media, human rights organizations linked to LTTE. Mr. Trump would never allow US army to be held for war crimes by Al Qaeda or ISIS terrorists or their supporters! The peace loving people of Sri Lanka appeals to the new US administration to review these resolutions on the merit of evidence and the legal arguments by international terrorist experts and not parties linked to LTTE lobbies 
  • Mr. Trump’s interview on Syria clearly conveyed to the public that US should be helping nations fighting terrorists not supplying arms to unknown terror groups trying to dislodge leaders of a country. We appreciate this stand. Similarly, we would like to inform that LTTE is far more ruthless than the jihadist terrorists the West is fearful of. No jihadist group had its own naval, airforce and groundforce like the LTTE did. No jihadist group had its own police, its own courts, its own currency, its own schools, its own administrative service. No jihadist group has carried out over 300 suicide attacks like the LTTE. No jihadist group has killed 2 world leaders, one a foreigner and on foreign soil. This shows that LTTE is not to be underestimated given large numbers of LTTE cadres are now overseas as asylum seekers and they can be contracted to do any damage overseas. US must seek assistance of Canada, UK, EU, Australia and South Africa and other Asian nations to intensively tabulate all refugees/asylum seekers that have arrived in their countries and their connections to the LTTE for the safety of foreign citizens as well as the world at large.


This compilation is just a small portion of what LTTE and its supporters both in Sri Lanka and overseas have been doing for 30 years. Terrorism has become a business where those overseas are living in luxury raising funds and ammunition for a group to create mayhem elsewhere while they use the conflict to generate illegal and legal incomes as well as influence and exert power at political levels. This criminal syndicate must be stopped. We welcome President Trump’s new foreign policy approach – departing from an interventionist policy to one of working for mutual goodwill. We hope that action will be initiated against all parties that are out to upset those objectives.

Shenali D Waduge

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