Oppose Proposed New SL ConstitutionThe Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights in Sri Lanka (SPUR), a forum of patriotic Sri Lankans living in Australia raised their concern on the proposed separatist federal constitution. By issuing a detailed press released SPUR Queensland chapter highlighted that the separatist federalism in Sri Lanka is going beyond political affiliations and found that;

  • In the draft proposals submitted, the word ‘Unitary’ has been removed from the English version and replaced with the words ‘Aekeeya Raajya/Orumittanaadu’. Clearly this is an attempt to remove the ‘Unitary’ status of the country and replace it with ‘Federal’ or ‘United’ status.
  • ‘Unitary’ status indicates one government, whereas ‘Federal’ or ‘United’ indicate several governments.
  • This goes beyond the quasi-Federal status of Indian constitution. In short, Provincial Councils of Sri Lanka will have more powers than Tamil Nadu State of India.

The full text of the Press Release issued by the SPUR – Queensland is as follows;

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