Pro-LTTE Paskaralingam is Ranil’s Advisor

Paskaralingam has been brought back as Ranil’s advisor. The man who sold the country in 80s and early 90s. It’s shocking. Is this the change  yahapalana group promised to innocent     majority of this country ?  Are the  stalwarts of yahapalana blind and in slumber ? Rev Rathna, Rev. Madoluwawe Sobitha, Champaka, Arjuna , Anura Kumara & Rajitha it’s upto you. Take the lead, don’t let the West stranglehold the country.
MAHARAJAS, Paskaralingam – Treachery in Sri Lanka Includes extracts from a note circulated some years previously. It helps describe who benefits directly from Paskaralingam’s return from London to Sri Lanka as PM’s advisor, Close confidant and advisor R. Paskeralingam was a conspicuous absentee at President Premadasa’s funeral.

Paskeralingam had the all economy seat Air Lanka aircraft modified to put in a First Class so that he can travel nearly every week end on a one hour flight to Madras to visit a Mistress. He then brought his friend who was a Station Officer at Indian Airlines as an Aviation Consultant to Air Lanka. This was a standing joke and an insult to the staff at Air Lanka. Is Ranil so hard up to bring this man back. God help Sri Lanka!

Ranil is less reliable than MR, he has to be controlled from the very start or SL will be in trouble. This man was so powerful the Chairman of Air Lanka had no say. He was a fraud and petty dictator.
Paskeralingam was described by ASIAWEEK as “the second most powerful man in Sri Lanka”. Immediately after the May 1st explosion killed President Premadasa, his closest aides rushed to the Presidential secretariat which became nerve centre of the post-assassination transition government. Paskaralingam, however, took off from Katunayake International Airport. Well known at Sri Lanka’s main airport, Paskaralingam was on his way to the USA after boarding a flight to Madras even without a flight ticket.

Why did Premadasa’s close ally flee from the country within hours of his death? What fear made him run then?

It was Lalith Athulathmudali who said Sri Lanka was ruled by 3 P’s namely, Premadasa, Paskaralingam and Prabhakaran. Premadasa’s inability to deal with numbers and finance resulted in the nation’s coffers being entrusted to one man.

Ramalingam Paskaralingam or Paski (as he is known in c1ose circles) had become the financial chief of Sri Lanka. He had under his control the entire privatisation of the plantation sector – 500,000 acres of prime land to give to whomever he chose,12 main corporations to people, the discretion to give BOI status to any company he wished, including his favourite 5 star restaurant in Colombo. With power like this, Ministers and even Cabinet sub committees feared him. Paski was not even more than a Cabinet Minister.

In fact until President Wijetunga took over he was the only non- Minister provide a place at the Cabinet table. The people know that Paski’s brother-in-law, Dr. Mahalingam, is an LTTE leader in England. Paski also saw to it that Mahalingam got a goodly chunk ($250,000) from the General Sales Agent that represented Air Lanka in London. Paski, via the Thambiaiah’s (Renuka Hotel and Cargo Boat Despatch,) gave Air Lanka advertising to Ranjit Jayasuriya Associates even though President Premadasa himself channelled government advertising to Irwin Weerakkody of Phoenix (and also gave him UNP Central Committee membership).

By the way ever wondered what DIG Amarasinghe Rajapakse’s claim to power has been? Rajapakse’s wife’s sister, a Jaffna Tamil, is married to brain surgeon Dr. Naganachandran. This is the LTTE representative in Australia who has frequently appeared on Australian national television, espousing the Tiger cause. However, events placed DIG Rajapakse in charge of the inquiry into the assassination allegedly by the LTTE of the President.

Paski’s wife and children are settled in London. Paski has purchased (in his brother’s name) a mansion in St. John’s Wood where his family live in the lap of luxury on Sri Lanka government official Paski’s 200 Pound Sterling salary. Of course, free travel on  Air Lanka helps and so does a nice little bank account (CA No:0013-5735-2242 at the National Westminster Bank, St. John’s Wood branch.) Is it a coincidence that Maharajah’s palatial London residence is only a short walk from Paski’ mansion? Paski also maintains ‘rainy-day’ accounts in Singapore and Switzerland (a numbered account at Banque National Suisse, Berne,which city he sometimes visits).

On Sunday evening Air Lanka’s Boeing 737 awaited at Meenabakkam to bring back a refreshed Paski after the weekend romp. On these trips Paski also attended to   Premadasa’s astrological requirements – consulting South Indian soothsayers. Paski’s closest confidant is his personal secretary Mrs. P.S. de Silva. Anyone wanting to meet Paski had to call her first on her unlisted IDD telephone number 69965.

Just before Cabinet meeting on Wednesday afternoon, Paski had lunch in private with chosen associates. These pow-wows helped him spring sweet surprise on Cabinet ministers. Participants at lunches at his plush Guilford Crescent residence included  (1) R. Rajamahendran(remember the Maharajah chief’s house in St. John’s Wood?) (2)  Nimal Cooke (ex-Maharajah Organisation and son of contract racketeering Mahaweli Chief Engineer R S Cooke,)  (3) Gamini Fonseka (then Director of Maharajahs’) and (4) Susil Moonesinghe (also then a Director). Each forthcoming privatisation was discussed and ways of bypassing any competition were analysed.

Everything from BTT waivers to lifting price control, say on Anchor Milk, was discussed. But the most interesting talk revolved around forthcoming private sector privatisation opportunities. With Paski’s help and insider information, the Maharajah Organisation Limited (TMOL) bagged valuable ventures for pennies, including the Oberoi Hotel, Ramada Renaissance and the Hotel Intercontinental.
Most of the Maharajah deals have been implemented by their former low profile hit man and financial mobster Jayantha Goonewardena.

Goonewardena proved his mettle in the illegal takeover of Harrison & Crossfield for TMOL, and is no trusted with most of the purchasing work in return for 1% of the loot. And what loot! The Far Eastern Economic Review estimated  Maharajah’s overseas holdings in excess of US $ 500 million. In addition to Goonewardena, they also hire some 15 expatriates to act as frontmen for their operations in the market.

For Maharajahs all state assistance to the diary industry was been stopped by Paski in order to promote Anchor and other Maharajah- sold milk. While the main competitor, Lakspray, has been crippled by retail price controls pushed below the cost of production, there are no controls on Anchor prices. The strategy was  calculated to destroy Lakspray and provide a monopoly to TMOL. People should understand that R. Paskeralingam is a traitor to this country. He has looted billions that belong in state coffers.
Air Lanka ordered seven Air Buses and has to pay $ 50 million as  compensation because two were cancelled (there was no money to pay for them.) However, TMOL has collected its commission – a cool $16 million and no longer cares what happens to the taxpayer.

How can the Defence Ministry function when the man who has to provide the money for arms is the brother-in-law of a LITE leader? It was Paski as Treasury Secretary who signed the vouchers for millions given to the LTTE. It was Paski who allocated Rs 1,200 million to  contractors for the palatial, wall-to-wall, carpeted new building  for the Defence Ministry at Baladkasha Mawatha. Paski has been doing most of his private arms deals through his commission agent Armin Weerasinghe.
Weerasinghe attained notoriety for the famous multi-million dollar DAEWOO oil deal he put through Paski. Now, with profits and rake- offs from this deal he has purchased Ceylon Shipping Lines, Sathosa Printers, Milko, and most recently Colombo International School. His total investments in the latter exceeds Rs. 1,000million and he does not even pay tax!

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