Pro-LTTE Tamil Terrorist Diaspora Corruption

The downfall of the LTTE Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka and decimation of the Tamil terrorist’s leadership had its inevitable repercussions among the global Tamil diaspora.

One such consequence was the misappropriation of funds raised in the name of the LTTE Tamil terrorism by LTTE diaspora operatives themselves. Money raised through bank loans by these pro-LTTE Tamils living in the EU went into the pockets of vested interests related to the LTTE terrorist leaders anmd and its front organization such as Global Tamil Forum, so called Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam run by Tamil terrorist leader living in the USA Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran, Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO)etc. etc.

Ardent Tamil terrorist supporters who had taken the loans in their names were in difficulty being unable to repay. The LTTE bigwigs who had guaranteed repayment were inaccessible and playing hide and seek.

A groundswell of resentment and anger began growing in the hearts and minds of  those pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora who had been loyal supporters of the LTTE terrorism in Sri Lanka.

This was very much true of Switzerland too in the aftermath of the LTTE fall in 2009. This resentment was caused mainly by the actions of the LTTE operatives themselves. In an act of gross recklessness these elements had generated bank loans in the names of their supporters, misappropriated those sums and made no attempt to help pay back the money.

This left the people who had taken those loans in a very vulnerable and desperate plight. The financial institutions that had lent the money were also in a predicament. In such a situation, several erstwhile Tiger supporters in Switzerland were compelled to complain to the Swiss authorities.

The LTTE networks in Switzerland, which was cleared by Swiss court stating that LTTE is not a criminal organization despite of fact that LTTE is banned as a terrorist organization in over 40 countries including EU crumbled mainly because people from within LTTE terrorists ranks started coming forward to blow the whistle against their own camp leaders.

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