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Pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist TNA Asked US to Establish Hybrid Court

Pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist and partner of Yahapalan government, so called opposition of the Sri Lankan parliament TNA has demanded visiting delegation of US Congressmen that Sri Lankan government should establish the Hybrid Court to prosecute the War Heroes.

The US Congress delegates led by Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (Republican -New Jersey)     Chairman, House Appropriations Committee, comprised Rep. Henry Cuellar (Democrat – Texas)   Member, House Appropriations Committee and other Officials.

Extremist and racist Sampanthan, a partner of Yahapalana government and so called opposition leader alleged that there was undue delay in this process of drafting the Federalist Constitution.  Further, he has said that after obtaining the majority in Parliament the new Constitution must be approved by the people at a referendum which pave the path firstly to the Federalism and secondly to the  Tamil eelam

Representative of the LTTE Tamil Terrorists Sampanthan stressed that the political leaders should go out and campaign on the federalist Constitution which was based on a united but not Unitary Sri Lanka.

“Over fifty per cent of the Tamil population has left the country due to this unresolved national question, and if we don’t find a reasonable solution more people will leave, we don’t want that to happen,” he added.  In fact many Tamils are leaving Sri Lanka better economic benefits in Western and North America. They do not bother about any political of ethnic issue.  Majority of those migrated Tamils support to Tamil terrorism and separatism in Sri Lanka to justify their stay in those countries.

Speaking on the so called issues faced by the Tamils, Sampanthan has highlighted that the issue of the missing persons must be addressed without any further delay. He noted that though the Office of the Missing Person Act had been passed in Parliament it had not been operationalized yet. By setting up the Office of the Missing Persons and conducting credible investigations truth should be ascertained in the cases of missing persons and the Families of the missing persons should be provided with the relevant information as to what happened to their loved ones.

On the question of release of Lands, Sampanthan misguided the US representatives by saying that the security forces in the occupation of those lands had been engaged in cultivation and they sell the produce to the owners of the same land. He further lied to the US team  saying the situation was very disturbing as people had been deprived of their fundamental right to live in their land even after eight years since the Tamil terrorism came to an end although the Government had taken steps in that regard the process.


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