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Pro-LTTE Tamil Terrorists Call for Genocide Rejected by Canadian Parliament

The pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist diaspora living in Canada submitted a motion to the House of Commons of Canada that calls upon the United Nations to investigate allegations of so called Genocide against the Tamils in Sri Lanka. The motion was proposed by Member of Parliament Shaun Chen, pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists’ sympathizer.

However, the motion was failed to receive the unanimous consent from the House of Commons. Some members from the NDP, Green Party, Bloc Québécois and all independent members who are sympathizers of Tamils to grin their political advantages get Tamil’s votes supported to this bogus and fake motion.

The text of the fabricated bogus motion is as below:

“Whereas Canada and Sri Lanka share deep people-to-people ties;

Whereas in recent times, countless lives have been lost to senseless violence, natural disasters, and war in Sri Lanka;

Whereas Canada condemns the recent terrorist acts targeting Christians at prayer on Easter Sunday and civilians at hotels in Colombo;

Whereas Canada condemns the recent anti-Muslim violence in Sri Lanka;

Whereas Canada stands together with its allies and partners around the world in condemning all acts of terrorism, violent extremism and hatred;

Whereas this month marks the tenth anniversary of the end of the 26-year armed conflict in Sri Lanka, yet peace and reconciliation have not been achieved;

Whereas the Report of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Investigation on Sri Lanka in 2015 established that war crimes and crimes against humanity were committed during the end of the armed conflict in Sri Lanka;

Whereas truth-seeking and accountability measures are critical to realizing justice for the victims, ending impunity, and ensuring lasting peace and reconciliation.


1. Extends its condolences to all the victims of violence, terrorism and war in Sri Lanka;

2. Supports the Government of Sri Lanka in its efforts to pursue justice for those affected by the Easter Sunday attacks, protect the rights of religious minorities, and defend all places of worship;

3. Reaffirms Canada’s call for Sri Lanka to implement its obligations under UN Human Rights Council Resolution 30/1 and 40/1; and re-affirms Canada’s support in advancing accountability, peace, and reconciliation among all peoples on the island; and

4. Calls upon the United Nations to establish an international, independent investigation into allegations of genocide against Tamils committed during the last phase of the war in Sri Lanka in 2009.”


This rejection of the bogus motion by parliament underscores that there simply was no basis for Mayor Tory’s false, misleading and defamatory proclamation in the city of Toronto. The Mayors of Toronto, Ottawa, and Brampton should not have trapped or listen to those Pro-LTTE Tamil sympathisers and ought never have been issued such a low level proclamations.



Though serious damage has been done to entire Canada by these Mayors for cheap political advantage of Tamil’s votes the Mayor ought to immediately mitigate the damage by publicly withdrawing the insulting and divisive proclamation.

Number of international civil groups such Global Sri Lankan Forum- Executive Committee GSLF-Ex. Comm., Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka Inc., SPUR, in Australia issued numbers of media releases condemning the pro-Tamil terrorists proclamation by these Mayors in Canada.


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